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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

7 Exclusive Things to Do During Spring Break at Six Flags

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the ultimate Spring Break destination, open daily March 9-19. Enjoy the hottest entertainment in San Antonio with the tallest and fastest coasters, wildest music shows, and best outdoor family fun. Check out these seven exclusive things you’ll want to do to make this the most unforgettable celebration ever.

1. Dance to the VIBE! Show
Stop by Teatro Fiesta for the hottest music! Get your groove on as you dance to this new live music extravaganza. Singers, dancers, and a live band will take you through the contemporary music charts. You’ll also be able to enjoy live music in Vinyl Countdown Vol. 2 and From Memphis to Motown. Pick up a show schedule for times.

2. Defeat the Iron Rattler
Be bold this Spring Break and do something courageous. There’s no better way to conquer this feat than by riding the extreme hybrid coaster, Iron Rattler. Share a scream with your best friend while plunging down 171 feet for the drop of a lifetime. Dive down steep drops, soar around four record-breaking over-banked turns, and curve around a first-of-its-kind inverted barrel roll on this daring adventure.

3. Get a quick cool-down on Gully Washer
Enjoy the beautiful spring weather! If you need a quick soak to cool off, Gully Washer will do the trick. Float down a raging river filled with splashing waves, rushing waterfalls, and spouting geysers. You’ll be drenched and ready for the rest of the action!

4. Catch a cheerleading competition
Even though you’re out of school, you can show your spirit in our MCDA Cheer & Dance Championships on March 18. Cheer squads and dance teams from around the region will showcase their unique routines in front of judges for the chance to take home a trophy. Learn more.

5. Celebrate with the entire family on Scooby-Doo Ghostblaster
Bring the little spring breakers along with you! There’s plenty of fun for the whole family as you embark on a glow-in-the-dark battle to solve a mystery. Engage in an interactive adventure filled with lasers, animatronics, and cartoon ghosts.

6. Hang upside down on Fireball
Hang out in the sunny skies on Fireball. This giant seven-story looping coaster towers over the park and sends you back and forth up the loop until you’re suspended completely upside down. During the endless looping inversions, this steel loop will change directions and send you around full-speed in reverse.

7. Get as far away from school as possible on SkyScreamer
Breeze through the sky to take in the sunshine. SkyScreamer will lift you up 200 feet in the air as you swing around at 40 miles per hour. While you’re up there, check out the breathtaking views of San Antonio, plan out the rest of your Spring Break activities, and try to find your school way in the distance.

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