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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

What’s New at the Park in Summer 2016

An inside look at some of the new experiences coming in Summer 2016

We have lots of new thrills and surprises in store for you this Summer. Our expanded Boardwalk will introduce three brand new ride experiences and refreshed updates throughout the area. We’ll also open a new candy store and serve foods never offered before. Furthermore, we’ll give you more value and surprises than ever before with new Pass Holder perks. You won’t want to miss these great things we’re introducing in 2016.

A new experience on Fireball
Fireball is one of three new rides making an anticipated debut later this season. This new adventure will feature a towering seven-story loop and specially designed hot-rod style trains. You’ll rocket forward and backward up each side of the loop, eventually flipping completely upside down for a series of weightless inversions.

The debut of Hurricane Force 5
Take on the power of a storm this season and swirl around the first ride of its kind in the state. With unique outward-facing seats, this giant hurricane-shaped disc will rotate around at 14 revolutions per minute, while simultaneously moving side to side along a five-story half-pipe track.

New twists on Spinsanity
We’re giving you a modern adaptation of the beloved classic Tilt-A-Whirl. Our custom ride design provides a more streamlined appearance and unobstructed views while you whirl and twirl around all the other spinning riders.

Refreshed Boardwalk appearance and amenities
In addition to the three new rides, we’re transforming our Boardwalk section in other ways. We’ll have refreshed wooden deck planking throughout the entire area and brighten all structures with a makeover. You’ll also be able to enjoy additional food and games locations.

New menu items
This year, you’ll be able to enjoy some lighter food options. Choose from delicious items like grilled chicken salads, oven roasted turkey, spinach salad, fruit cups, and sugar free SLURPEE® drinks. You’ll also find gluten-free products, including pizza, cookies, and smoothies. Additionally, try fresh hand-dipped corn dogs on the Boardwalk and nachos at an all-new location, BeeBops in Rockville.

A sweet new gift shop
Later this season, we’ll open the doors to an all-new retail store. You’ll be able to find dozens of flavors of Jelly Belly® jelly beans in bulk, including the trickster BeanBoozled® Jelly Belly jelly beans. This fun new store will also have themed gift boxes and exclusive souvenirs for candy lovers.

A new Gold Dining Pass
We’ve expanded our Dining Pass Program this year to give you more value than ever before. With our brand new 2016 Gold Dining Pass, not only will you get to eat lunch, dinner, and a snack on every visit, but you’ll also receive a Sports Bottle with unlimited soft drinks all year long. Plus, you’ll be able to use your Gold Dining Pass at all Six Flags theme parks you visit this year. The Gold Dining Pass also allows for more flexibility with your meal choices.

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