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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Fright Fest ghouls performing on stage

5 Wicked Monster Shows at the Park This Fall

Monsters like to live in the shadows, but when you shine a spotlight on them, they really let loose! Our sinful spectaculars are sure to leave you howling for more with updated playlists, enhanced choreography, and wickeder special effects. Read on for a full guide of this year's Monstertainment lineup. Be sure to check the Six Flags mobile app for the latest show schedules and updates.

  1. New! House of Bones II: Our ghoulish gang rocks out in the hottest Halloween party of the season. Join the voodoo master, his gypsy queen, and a live band as they sing and groove along to spooktacular Halloween hits.
  2. New! Creature Feature II: Monsters in Paradise: This is one of the most family-friendly monster parties we offer. Rock out with our classic vacationing monsters to hits like “The Vacation Song" and "Love Potion Number 9.” Enjoy spooktacular music and dance before the sun goes down. At Sundance Theater.
  3. New! Monster Mash Bash: Get one last fright before heading home. Our concert-style closing extravaganza awakens the dead for a final farewell. All our ghouls come together with blaring beats, dramatic dancing, freaky fireworks, and sinister spells in a live musical spectacular. At Lone Star Lil’s.
  4. New! Noche de los Muertos: Join the zombies for a classic rock song and dance spectacular. This maniacal mix-up highlights all the hottest high-energy Latin and rock tunes. A live band and monstrous dancers take you on a hair-raising journey through the charts. At the Teatro Fiesta.
  5. The Arrival: This spectacular kicks off the nighttime chills. We gather all the monsters of the night and they take a train ride around the park to scope out their targets. When the train stops, the creatures are set free to run their territories. At Crackaxle Canyon.

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