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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas

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The fun starts March 7 through March 22

Get ready for our biggest season yet!

Celebrate the holidays with seasonal music, light displays, and festive choreography

Featuring unique traditions and theme park thrills you can’t experience anywhere else

Our Halloween shows will leave you howling for more

The scariest Fright by Night lineup we've ever offered!

From July 30 through August 21, we’ll hold the “Summer of Games” competition

A Fiesta Texas Guide to Pokemon Go!

Become a savvy visitor with these little-known tips

Celebrate with roller coasters, funnel cakes, live music, and good friends

New rides, foods, games, and experiences

North America’s first-ever permanent drop tower VR experience

Watch live music, dance parties, and fireworks displays

You can have an amazing experience at the park without boarding a ride

Mardi Gras Parade

The sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans come to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Iron Rattler coaster hill at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We’ve got the fastest coasters, hottest shows, and best family fun

Iron Rattler

Find out when to visit, what to bring, where to buy tickets, and how to make the most of your day.

We’re introducing a new water slide, a new parade and celebration, a new cold treat, and much more!

From pumpkin to peppermint, soups to s'mores, you'll find a tempting treat around every corner.

Sing along to carols and spread a little cheer

Charming holiday shows you won't want to miss

Family in holiday attire
Experience your favorite holiday traditions

Everything you need to celebrate the most wonderful time of year

Spending a day of fun in the sun calls for some important reminders.

Stay entertained with hot music hits and interactive dance parties

Burger and Fries

Our new 2016 Gold Dining Pass offers the best value on food

Taking Photos - Sylvester, Guest, and Camera
Best backdrops for your souvenir photos

Where to take memorable souvenir pictures at the park

Entertainment - Warner Bros. Characters
What actions to take to have the best visit possible

What to do and what not to do to make the most of your visit

Are you one of our biggest fans?

SkyScreamer Backwards

Your week just won’t be complete without a visit to Six Flags

guests in innertubes

Necessities you won’t want to forget at home

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures

Great goals to accomplish this summer

Check out our all-new ride -- now open!

How to save time at the front entrance and enter the park as easily as possible

Unbelievable stats about our signature looping coaster.

Woman and Bugs on Ride
How to avoid common first-time errors
One-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find anywhere else

One-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find anywhere else

Open daily March 5 through 20
Iron Rattler
Don't miss the start of our best season yet
An inside look at some of the new experiences coming in Summer 2016

New experiences at the park in 2015

Moon Antique Cars

How to make the most of your season at the park

LOONEY TUNES Characters and Guests

One-stop-shop for character themed merchandise

Face wild drops and incredible speeds on this hybrid record-breaker

Large Group

Keep your items to a minimum for ease and comfort

Woman and Bugs on Ride

Guests tell us their favorite spot for the best ride experience


Easy on-the-go goods to munch on during the day


Favorite kiddie rides that will bring you back to your childhood

Family at Park with Young Children

Have plenty of time to play


Extreme heights, speeds, and inversions offer an incredible rush

Group of teens
A guide to planning your first visit to the park

A guide to planning your first visit to the park

Water Park - Family on Raft

Unlimited admission to theme park and water park

Big news, information, and exclusive photos for our followers

Smiling Kids in Line

Thrill-seekers-in-training can experience their first roller coaster

Extended Family Group

Enjoy your favorite rides, even when you have children with you


Take a look at these top three fan favorites that every coaster enthusiast will enjoy.

Fearless coaster fanatics won't want to miss these four rides.

Large Group

You can have lots of fun at the park when you visit with a large group of friends, family, or peers. 

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