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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Kids riding Yosemite Sam’s Wacky Wagons

Yosemite Sam's Wacky Wagons

Saddle Up With Your Favorite Cowboy, Yosemite Sam!

It was a tough life for the brave men and women who pioneered this land. No one knows that better than Yosemite Sam. Yep, before he devoted his life to chasing pesky rabbits, Yosemite Sam was a stagecoach driving frontiersman in the old West. Now Sam invites you to join him on this junior Ferris wheel built on a jumbo wagon wheel! Your youngest little riders can take a seat in their very own little covered wagon stagecoach (with room for a grown-up too), then they’ll lift up and around on this western variation of a beloved theme park classic. The view of Crackaxle Canyon is mighty nice from up there.  Yee haw, Yosemite!


What Our Guests Say

  • "You yell whoop, and put your hands up...then quickly put your hands down and hold on tight."
    - Martha V. From Corpus Christi, Tx
  • "The Wagon Wheel is awesome and fun. It keeps your heart pumping. Get ready for fun, and don't look away or you'll miss all the action coming your way!!"
    - Ana R.
  • "I enjoyed the ride because of its motion. I loiked that I was able to ride with all of my family members."
    - Daniel
  • "My grandbabies loved the Wagon Wheel, and wanted to keep riding."
    - Gerri
  • " kind of Saturday evening. The whole family enjoyed the beautiful evening view from the top and we look forward to jumping back on the "Wagon" soon!"
    - Shayla F From Austin Tx

What do you think?

Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
36" to ride alone. Over 54" must be accompanying a child.
Location in Park: 

Crackaxle Canyon

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