The ultimate definition of airtime.

Have a seat, but don’t get too used to having your feet on the ground. The 32 chairs hanging in a peaceful circle around the massively tall tower at the center of SkyScreamer are about to liftoff. Don’t be fooled by the colorful, star-shaped gondola that is doing all the heavy lifting. This gondola is merciless, and you’re about to fly boldly through the air with the trees beneath your feet!

You’re gently picked up and start to slowly swirl and revolve around the center. Up you go, cranked into the sky as the thin cables holding up your seat begin to spin. You’ll start to spin faster as you lift higher, so by the time you get to the top, you will be careening around the center base at 40 miles per hour. 

You’re sitting in a swing chair, dangling loose 20 stories up, getting hurled around in a 98-foot circle—talk about airtime. All you’re going to feel is air, with your feet dangling in the sky and hair blowing in the wind. The world far below you is making more revolutions per second than you can count.

At 200 feet tall, the SkyScreamer is taller than the famous quarry walls surrounding the park. The 360 view you’ll get of the park and the land that surrounds it is truly breathtaking. Too bad you’ll be spinning around too fast to catch more than a blur. 

By The Numbers

May 27, 2012

What Our Guests Say

  • "An uplifting ride that allows you a panoramic view of the park while being captivated by the natural beauty of the city's rock formations."
    - Angela L. From Spring, Texas
  • "It's an astronomical 200ft spinning ride that will leave you in the clouds long after you've left the park."
    - Marwan F. From Dearborn Heights, Mi
  • "The SkyScreamer takes you higher than the quarry walls -- giving you any excellent view of the entire park!"
    - Ray C And Family From Bertram
  • "You feel weightless while enjoying amazing views of San Antonio."
    - Andrea V From San Antonio, Tx
  • "It left my breath at the start, and didn't catch it until the finish. My belly hasn't flip-flopped that much since my wedding day!!!!"
    - Sharon H From Converse, Tx

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