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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Wide shot view of water slides with all the turns and twists
teen slashing into pool at the end of slide in a pink tube
two water slides with guests at top ready to slide down

Bermuda Triangle

It takes a brave prospector to tunnel deep into a slick, watery mine with nothing but a bathing suit and a raft. But that adventure spirit is part of what made life on the frontier—and at a theme park!—so thrilling. In this very wet modern interpretation of mining for gold, you’ll ride a raft down a twisting, snaking white enclosed tunnel, mining for fun.

The Bermuda Triangle is partnered with Riptide Runner in a two-slide raft complex. Grab a special jumbo raft if you have any fellow spelunkers in your crew and want to ride tandem. As you navigate the wildly unpredictable curves that only an enclosed slide can deliver, raging river beneath you and mist in your face, you’ll feel like you’re tunneling into the unknown. 

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Water Park Ride
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White Water Bay

Need a Swimsuit
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