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Does Hurricane Harbor Chicago have a dress code?

Waterpark ClothingAppropriate bathing suits are required for guests using pools and slides at the waterpark. You must wear a lined swimsuit. No street clothes, cut-offs, athletic clothing or "thong" bikinis are allowed. In addition, swimwear with buttons, snaps, rivets or zippers is not allowed. Young ChildrenTo provide our guests with a high degree of health safety, all children age three and under must wear tightly fitting reusable plastic swim pants whether or not they are toilet-trained. Swim pants in a variety of prints and patterns are available for purchase in the gift shop. (Note: Commercial swim diapers such as Huggie's Little Swimmers are not acceptable without the tightly fitting reusable plastic swim pants worn over the top of them.)Additional Information & Six Flags PoliciesIn keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere, and for health and safety reasons, Hurricane Harbor Chicago strictly enforces this dress code. Please visit our Park Policies page for these Dress Code requirements.DRESS CODE REQUIREMENTS 

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