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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Language: English

FRIGHT FEST 2018 : San Francisco's Most Terrifying Halloween Event

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Fright Fest, presented by SNICKERS®, is back for select days September 21-October 31 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It's a spooky time of year as zombies and ghouls take over the park. Enjoy thrills and activities for the whole family throughout the day and come back for a truly frightening evening of fun after the sun goes down. Fright Fest offers a wide variety of places to get your scare on including several haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park. The stuff of nightmares lurk around every corner as the dark of night washes over the park. The ghouls are set free for their daily hunting rituals. BEWARE! There is no place to hide!
Fright Fest Main Video
Fright Fest Warning Message
WARNING: Fright Fest may be too intense for kids 13 and under. No Masks or costumes permitted.
SFDK Fright Fest Featured Attractions
new for 2018

Do the scariest stories tell you everything up front? NO. Does the jack-in-the-box pop out on the first turn of the handle? NO. Well, we're not telling you everything...yet. Good things come to those who wait. And by "good" we mean "horrifying."


Demon's Lair

Dare to enter the place where evil truly dwells. That is Satan himself and his world of lost souls may find you.

scary man in straw hat

Scarecrows Hollow

Scarecrows come to life and this army of the undead is not happy if you stomp on their crops.

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SFDK Fright Fest Mazes
haunted attractions

If you get lost, no one can hear you scream!

Only the bravest of souls date to enter our haunted mazes. You'll be blindsided by darkness as you find your way through the labyrinth all while being hunted -- never knowing what is around the next corner. Are you ready to face your worst fears?

SFDK Fright Fest Scarezones
scare zones

There is no "leisurely stroll" during Fright Fest. Terror isn't confined to Haunted Attractions. The ghouls have spread into the streets to "greet" you as you make your way to your next fright. There are zombies and ghouls lurking in every corner just waiting for you. Stay Alert!

SFDK Fright Fest Shows

Never before has Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offered so many different live performances during Fright Fest. Unleashed, Creep Show/Freak Show, Hypnotist Steve Daly and Sacred Fire Dance highlight the nighttime entertainment. Our Fright Fest shows will leave you howling for more.

SFDK Fright Fest Rides

We're known for pulse-pounding coasters that deliver intense thrills all season, but these rides ramp up the fear during Fright Fest.

SFDK Fright Fest Calendar
Don't come to Fright Fest unprepared--it's not for the faint of heart. Find the details you need for planning your trip, then plan your escape!
September 23-October 31
Monday, October 8 is non Fright Fest Product for the Columbus Day holiday
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Noon to 10:00 pm
Noon to  9:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Noon to 10:00 pm
Noon to  9:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Noon to 10:00 pm
Noon to  9:00 pm
11:00am to  6:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Noon to 10:00 pm
Noon to 9:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Noon to   11:00 pm
Noon to 10:00 pm
4:00 pm to Midnight
Noon to   Midnight
Noon to   10:00pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
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SFDK Fright Fest Directions

Your day of adventure is closer than you think. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is located in Vallejo.

Our physical location is 1001 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, CA 94589

Lodging Information

Take Highway 80 eastbound. Take the Highway 37 exit, just five miles east of the Carquinez Bridge. Are you sure you want to do this?


Take Highway 680 over the Benicia Bridge. Then Highway 780 through Benicia to Highway 80 and then east to the Highway 37 exit. Remember: There’s no safety in numbers.


Take Highway 80 westbound. From Highway 80, take the Discovery Kingdom exit. Your family would be better off at home. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Take highway 101 to Highway 37. Take Highway 37 eastbound. From Highway 37, take the Fairgrounds Drive exit. Do not pick up hitchhikers. It’s the oldest zombie trick in the book.


High-speed catamaran ferry service is offered from San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39. Beware of killer barracudas. For schedule information, call the Blue & Gold Fleet at 415-773-1188 or Baylink at 707-64-FERRY.


Amtrak serves Six Flags Discovery Kingdom through the Thruway Shuttle from the Martinez Station. Bus transit time is 20 minutes. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL for information. It’s coming to take you away, haha.


Vallejo BartLink offers transportation to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom from El Cerrito Del Norte BART station. See that man in the black cap? Why is he staring at you? Call BART at 510-236-2278 (for train information) or BartLink at 707-648-4666 (for shuttle information). No Sunday service.


Greyhound Bus Lines serves Vallejo with connecting service on Vallejo Transit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Call 707-643-7661 for more information. If the line goes dead, pay no mind.


Oakland—25 miles
Sacramento—55 miles
San Francisco—30 miles
San Jose—65 miles
Santa Rosa—45 miles
Stockton—65 miles
Concord—20 miles
Fremont—50 miles
Napa—10 miles
San Rafael—25 miles

SFDK Fright Fest Park Map
park map
Plan your visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom by viewing our Park Map. You may also pick up a copy at the Front Gate on the day of your visit.
Coming Soon
SFDK Fright Fest Tips

To check park operating hours call us at (666) 666-6666. Demons are standing by. Or you can also check our online calendar.

Visit the park on nights when it is closed! You won’t be able to get in, but we will have someone there to meet you. Come alone, and don’t tell anyone where you are going.

Bring a jacket or sweatshirt for cool evenings. We wouldn’t want you to catch your death of cold! Store it in one of the lockers located in the small dark shed behind the food stand closest to Guest Services.

Our park is a smoke-free facility. This is a safety measure — smoking attracts demons and werewolves, and you really don’t want to do that. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only. You won’t be safe from demons and werewolves, but at least everyone else will.

If you get lost, we will eat you.

When arriving, note the location of the exits and other places that might be helpful when hiding from zombies, flying creatures and blood-sucking fiends. Look hard. One really good place to hide is the dark shed behind the food stand located closest to Guest Services. Just close your eyes and come on in. It’s the safest place in the park! We promise.

Stop by Stroller Rental if you need a stroller, wheelchair, wooden stakes, silver bullets, garlic, or holy water.

Weapons are not allowed in the park so please leave wooden stakes, silver bullets, garlic and holy water at home. It will be more fun for you if you are completely defenseless.

Review the park map. You may think you know where everything is but you don’t. We rearranged everything since your last visit. Just to make it more fun for you.

Pick up a show schedule at the small dark shed behind the food stand closest to Guest Services.

Start your day at attractions farthest from the exits. Your best bet for a good time is to stay as far away from the exits as possible. Bad things happen at the exits. Good things happen in remote locations deep within the park.

Respect your loved ones: make all of your final arrangements in advance.

To save time, eat at non-traditional lunch and dinner hours.

Last year we surveyed a few of the survivors following their escape from the park. Before we ate them they recommended that the most important thing to ensure that you have a fun, safe evening is to wear a hat. They also told us that screaming is your only defense. The louder you scream, the safer you’ll be.

Expect to hear lots and lots of screaming. If you hear any of it coming from the shed located behind the food stand closest to Guest Services don’t worry. It probably just means that someone is being safe.

SFDK Fright Fest FAQs

Fright Fest 

What are your operating hours?

Fright Fest hours are listed in the calendar above. You may also view our operating calendar.

What are the current ticket prices?

We are pleased to offer a variety of gruesome ticket packages. Specific pricing for Fright Fest tickets and season passes will be posted shortly. Check back soon!

Are there any rides at Fright Fest that won’t scare me?


How many scary things happen during Fright Fest?

There is no way of knowing. Those who have tried to count were found in a corner, sobbing with fright.

I’m not afraid of Fright Fest. Is that okay?

Keep telling yourself that if it helps. The truth is something that will speak for itself.

Can I wear a costume, mask, or makeup?

No. While you may enjoy making fun of our ghosts, demons and zombies by dressing up like them, doing so is clearly insensitive to their feelings. They can’t help the way they look and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for even asking the question. Jokes aside — this is a safety issue. If you wear a costume or mask into the park our monsters will get confused and might accidentally start eating each other instead of you.

Are Zombies real?

That is the kind of question that is going to set you apart from the others and act as a magnet for everything you will wish you’d never met. Fortunately for you there are dozens of free roaming zombies at the park would be more than happy to answer your question.

Which ride is the least scary?

The ride to the park.

How long has Fright Fest been going on?

It’s like time; there was never a start. It has always been there. A better question is: when will it end?

Will my boyfriend or girlfriend be eaten?

It depends how full we are after we finish eating you.

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