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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
close up of sea lion

Pinniped Celebration Weekend

Sea Lions, Seals and Walruses!

Those engaging and fascinating flippered marine mammals you see here at the park are pinnipeds and you an learn all about them during our annuall Pinniped Celebration Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, August 18 & 19!

Get to know these Super Heroes of the Sea, and learn how you can protect them from the hazards of ocean pollution, toxic waste and human interference. Many of our sea lions are rescued and non-releaseable animals, and their stories are compelling. We hope you'll have a chance to learn more about them.

Enjoy events all weekend long and every hour through 5 p.m. as we highlight our SUPER pinnipeds. There will be demonstraton sessions, photo opportunities, educational talks led by our animal care specialists, a chance to win some unique prizes (like one-of-a-kind paintings created by our animals) and much more!

Be sure to visit Sea Lion Stadium, Seal Cove and the Walrus Experience, where you can learn more about these amazing animal ambassadors and how you can make a difference for their wild counterparts. Your donations will support multiple wildlife conservation organizations that focus on pinniped education, rehabilitation and research. We encourage you to stop by to findout what these facilities are doing to save and protect pinnipeds.

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August 18 & 19

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