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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Experiences Everyone Should Try

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The Coolest Discovery Kingdom Experiences Everyone Should Try

Step into the captivating realm of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, where you can find the pulse-pounding excitement of amusement park experiences and thrills alongside up-close animal encounters!

From majestic marine life to exotic land animals, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom marine life and animal encounters offer a variety of opportunities to connect with wildlife in exciting ways.

Only a short drive from San Francisco or Sacramento, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom transports you to a world where giant reptiles roam, graceful giraffes graze and apex predators prowl.

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, animal lover, or simply curious about the natural world, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers something for everyone to enjoy. These immersive animal encounters and animal interactions are an incredible opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating animals in the world while learning about conservation and the importance of protecting our planet’s diverse wildlife.

Next, we’ll explore six unique experiences available to park guests at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

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Dolphin Discovery

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime when you meet our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in the water! It’s the only park experience that allows you to get into the water alongside these incredible marine mammals.

After a short training session, you and your group members will put on your wetsuits and dive into fun and learning.

Our dolphin care specialist will help you get up close and personal with the dolphins as they show off their agility, intelligence and strength. You’ll spend two fantastic hours engaging with the incredible Six Flags Discovery Kingdom dolphins and Six Flags staff.

Our in-water learning sessions are limited to guests who are at least 50 inches tall and at least 10 years old. Minors aged 10-17 must be accompanied by a paid chaperone or paid adult participant.

Learn more about Dolphin Discovery.

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Merlin’s Fins & Friends

Come face-to-face with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Atlantic bottlenose dolphins! Merlin’s Fins & Friends experience gives you the opportunity to touch, feed, and interact with playful dolphins.

You’ll learn a lot about dolphin behavior and their diet in this memorable 15-minute program. Dolphin care specialists are there to answer questions and teach you more about the Six Flags dolphins.

This program is limited to guests who are at least 50 inches tall and 10 years old.

Learn more about Merlin’s Fins & Friends.

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Paint N’ Create - Dolphins

If you are looking for a truly unique animal experience, this is it! You and an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin will work together to create a one-of-a-kind work of art!

For the dolphins, painting is an enriching activity that challenges their intellect. During this experience, you’ll get to pick the colors but the dolphin will do the painting.

You’ll get to take a photo of the dolphin and go home with a 12”-X-12” canvas keepsake of the abstract art you and your dolphin created.

Learn more about Paint N’ Create Dolphins!

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Wildlife Adventure Tour

Lace up your shoes for a once-in-a-lifetime walking tour of the animal exhibits at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Wildlife Adventure Tours take place when the park is closed, offering guests an exclusive look at a wide variety of animals throughout the park. Depending on the day, you might get to experience a feeding or interact with our incredible seals, sharks, giraffes and/or tigers.

Every tour includes a snack break and plenty of opportunities to take pictures!

With each stop along the tour, you’ll learn about the animal’s habitat, diet and unique characteristics. Tours are limited to eight guests, making it a great option for families.

Learn more about Wildlife Adventure Tours.

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Backstage Safari

Do you have a budding veterinarian or animal lover? See what it’s really like to help take care of the amazing animals at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Backstage Safari is an educational program that allows you to take a vet clinic tour, visit with animal specialists and see behind the scenes of some of our most popular exhibits.

You and our group will get to see firsthand what it takes to properly care for and feed the animals who call Six Flags home. We’ll also discuss the importance of protecting the animals and their habitats in the wild.

This tour is perfect for school groups, clubs and scouting organizations.

Learn more about Backstage Safari.

Lion looking off into the distance

Cain’s Lion Encounter

Walk on the wild side with an intimate look inside the lion’s lair! This tour takes you behind the scenes of the lion exhibit. You’ll hear from animal care specialists who will share about the lion’s unique personalities and characteristics.

Best of all, you’ll get to see up close and personal what it takes to feed and care for these fearsome and majestic animals. You may even have the opportunity to safely toss one of the lions a treat!

Learn more about Cain’s Lion Encounter. 

Plan Your Animal Adventure

What are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling animal encounters that will leave you with memories for a lifetime!

Please keep in mind that these opportunities give you exclusive access to the specific animal encounter. You’ll want to purchase a single-day ticket or Season Pass to enjoy the excitement of top thrill rides and the rest of the park.

We hope you’ll join us for one of these special experiences soon!

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