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Tiger laying down in puddle on rocks

Temple of the Tiger

Get a glimpse of our amazing tigers at Temple of the Tiger.
PLEASE NOTE: Capacity is limited. Please arrive early to ensure your seating.

Location: Near Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster

Come experience one of the largest cat species in the world in this exciting and educational tiger demonstration! Guests can enjoy tigers running and jumping these amazing cats display their physical capabilities alongside their caretakers. Through positive reinforcement, the tigers have learned to show off natural behaviors like a 10 foot jump between two rocks and a vertical jump you have to see to believe. Some lucky guests may even be chosen to help one of our caretakers feed one of the tigers a meat treat; safely behind the arena enclosure of course! Guests will also learn about the endangered status of tigers in the wild and what they can do to help. Come see this top-rated amazing demonstration at the Temple of the Tiger located next to Boomerang. Please note: If you view the tigers close to their swimming area, you could get splashed by water. Be sure to pick up a daily entertainment guide for show times or download our mobile app.
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