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Odin’s Temple of the Tiger

Get a glimpse of our amazing tigers at Odin’s Temple of the Tiger.
PLEASE NOTE: Capacity is limited. Please arrive early to ensure your seating.

Location: Near Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster

See cats that actually like to swim! Some tiger species are among the biggest cats in the world. Get a glimpse of our amazing tigers at Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, where guests are mesmerized in this exciting tiger demonstration show. Guests can enjoy a show featuring Akasha, a Bengal tiger and our first female to learn underwater diving and swimming. With her long, striped body in contrast to the clear blue water of the pool, guests can get an unobstructed view of her uncanny diving skills. You may also see a pair of Siberian tigers – Maksim and Mischa take to the water. The show is an important opportunity for guests to see tigers in action and in person. The tigers are not trained to “perform,” but are taken through a series of natural behaviors, such as standing up, fighting posture and a leap across a couple of large rocks. Through reward-training, they know they’ll get a treat if they go from Point A to Point B. Everyone’s favorite part of the show is when the Animal Care team tosses chunks of meat into the pool, and like any cat that likes to swim, they will jump right in, headfirst.

As stewards of these endangered cats, it is our responsibility to convey the plight of tigers in the wild and provide information on what you can do to help. Through viewing their magnificence and greatness up close, we hope you’ll agree that it is important to conserve the tiger population from these dangerous practices.

Please note: If you view the tigers close to their swimming area, you could get splashed by water. Be sure to pick up a daily entertainment guide for show times or download our mobile app.

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