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Come watch these mesmerizing mammals!
PLEASE NOTE: Capacity is limited. Please arrive early to ensure your seating.

Dolphins are mesmerizing for many reasons and some people often apply human characteristics to these intelligent and clever marine mammals because of the seemingly human qualities they exhibit. They are full of personality and very different from one another! Drench! is an educational demonstration show, observe the bond our bottlenose dolphins have with their Animal Care Specialists as they are taken through a variety of natural behaviors. And yes, when a dolphin doesn’t feel like doing something, they don’t have to!

Get to know our dolphins and see how special they all are. The show takes place at Toyota Stadium, the entrance of which is located to the right of the Main Plaza or at the top of the stairs from Oasis Plaza.

Want to interact with our dolphins? Drench! is an opportunity for you to interact in-water with these incredible animals. Special savings available.

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