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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
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Wildlife Spotlight: Meet Our Tiger Cubs

The Tiger department is excited to announce the arrival of Faruk and Kismet, our new Bengal tigers cubs. The brother and sister pair can currently be viewed through the Veterinary Clinic’s nursery windows. There, they can be seen napping, feeding, and playing during their first three months.

Faruk and Kismet were born on July 6, 2014 and are growing up fast. Tigers, on average, pack on about a half pound of body weight each day their first year. A dedicated group of staff that includes veterinary technicians and tiger staff, spend 24 hours a day hand-raising the cubs, whose every needs are met. From a young age, the cubs must be bottle-fed several times per day around the clock in order to keep them healthy and strong. At two months of age, they begin to eat meat. Since they are obligate carnivores they will eventually only eat meat, but the weaning process is lengthy and could take up to several months.

Recently, Faruk and Kismet began their training process, which consists of working on their leash work and manners. Their leash training is important at a young age so that their trainers will be able to continue this when they are older and much bigger in size. For their manners, the cubs are learning to not use their mouths or claws on their trainers, and to reserve that sort of play for their toys and for each other.

Faruk and Kismet spend lots of time with their trainers every day, and are going out on walks several times per week. If you haven’t done so already (or you just can’t get enough of them), stop by the nursery to see Faruk and Kismet in action.

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