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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Wildlife Spotlight: Meet Mo, the African Bushbaby

There are many species in the bushbaby family including greater, lesser, thick tailed, and many more. Mo is known as a greater bushbaby. Bushbabies in the wild occupy the forested and bush regions of Africa south of the Sahara. They live in arboreal habitats and prefer warm, dry living areas. They are nocturnal and carry out these activities solo. However, they sleep during the day in groups.

They have large eyes, as you can see on Mo, which gives them great night vision. Their foods of choice in the wild are insects, fruit, flowers, eggs, and small birds. They also like the gum that flows out of trees, and this is where their grooming claw comes in handy. On Mo’s back feet he has one nail that is longer than the others and that would be considered his grooming claw. He also likes to use it to scratch in his ears. Another trait bushbabies have is marking their territory by urinating on their hands and leaving their trace behind. This is also known to help them grasp onto branches better. Bushbabies have many vocalizations to communicate and the most common is their call that sounds like a baby crying. This is how their name was acquired and if you are lucky you may hear Mo making his call once in a while.

Mo has been a resident here at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for eight years. He actually just celebrated his 8th birthday on November 30. Mo’s favorite foods of choice are mealworms and crickets but he is offered a variety of fruits, vegetables, and a canned primate diet as his meal. His favorite activity is hanging out with his trainers especially on their shoulders. He also loves to leap around his enclosure where he can be seen leaping up to a distance of 10 feet. You can find Mo in the Animal Nursery windows on a daily basis. You may even catch Mo hanging out with his trainers or eating some delicious mealworms.

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