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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Dolphins leaping out of the water

5 Amazing Live Presentations This Summer

The best animal presentations are at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this summer. We're premiering five custom-designed demonstrations this summer, featuring new animals, never-before-seen feats, updated behaviors, and the best animal care specialists.

Discover Our Ocean Friends
In the Discover Our Ocean Friends educational demonstration show, observe the bond our bottlenose dolphins have with their Animal Care Specialists as they are taken through a variety of natural behaviors. Most of all, get to know our dolphins and see how special they all are.

Odin’s Temple of the Tiger 
Odin’s Temple of the Tiger show is an important opportunity for guests to see tigers in action and in person. The tigers are not trained to “perform,” but are taken through a series of natural behaviors, such as standing up, fighting posture and a leap across a couple of large rocks. Everyone’s favorite part of the show is when the Animal Care Specialists toss chunks of meat into the pool, and because tigers actually like to swim, they will jump right in head first.

Seals, Sea Lions and Otters!
The best thrill of your day may just be this extraordinary opportunity to get to know more about marine mammals in the new Seals, Sea Lions, and Otters presentation at Sea Lion Stadium. Meet some of our resident California sea lions, Pacific harbor seals and Asian small-clawed otters as our team of Animal Care Specialists introduce you to them during this engaging presentation. Watch with awe as they are taken through a series of learned and instinctual behaviors while learning some fun facts at the same time. As individuals, you can tell they really do have personality!

Drench! at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom features the power and agility of our bottlenose dolphins in a sensational presentation. Here, our Animal Care Specialists take the dolphins through a series of behaviors from jumping high out of the water, synchronized with their counterparts, to showing the Animal Care Specialists' relationships with the animals in water. With their smooth, streamlined body, dolphins can easily move through water, moving their flukes (tails) up and down to propel themselves, as their pectoral (side) fins steer them. Everyone is awed by their agility and natural ability.

Wildlife Experience
To see a variety of small mammals and birds up close, you won't want to miss the Wildlife Experience Presentation at Discovery Theater. Our dedicated Animal Care Specialists will take some of our very clever animals through a series of natural behaviors to demonstrate their agility, vocal prowess and talents, all the while presenting a fun, educational experience. This is an audience participation show and you might be the lucky audience member chosen to come up on stage to meet an animal! Don't miss the close of the show, when we invite guests to the front of the stage to meet our animal ambassadors and Animal Care Specialists up close and personal.

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