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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Joker coaster on Military Appreciation Day

8 Exclusive Things to Do During Spring Break at Six Flags

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the ultimate Spring Break destination, open daily March 31-April 23. Enjoy the hottest entertainment in Northern California with the tallest and fastest coasters, coolest animal shows, and best outdoor family fun. Check out these eight exclusive things you’ll want to do to make this the most unforgettable celebration ever.

1. Experience mixed reality on The New Revolution Galactic Attack
For a limited time this spring, experience mixed reality and complex gameplay on a VR coaster! The New Revolution Galactic Attack puts you in the middle of a cosmic battle to fight off attacking alien drones. Using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, enter an interactive galactic adventure, shooting targets and making game decisions while riding Kong.

2. Dance to the Spring Break Block Party
Stop by the Main Plaza for the hottest music! Get your groove on as you dance to this live music extravaganza. Plus, play interactive games and meet the Looney Tunes!

3. Defeat THE JOKER™
Be bold this Spring Break! There’s no better way to conquer this feat than by riding the hybrid giant, THE JOKER. Share a scream with your best friend while plunging down 78 degrees for the drop of a lifetime, soaring through a first-ever step-up under flip, and curving around a breaking wave turn.

4. Get a quick cool-down on THE PENGUIN™
Enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine! If you need a quick soak to cool off, THE PENGUIN will do the trick. Spin atop a pool of water and blast your water cannon at the boats spinning around you. You’ll be drenched and ready for the rest of the action!

5. Celebrate with the entire family at Odin’s Temple of the Tiger
Bring the little spring breakers along with you! There’s plenty of fun for the whole family at the Odin’s Temple of the Tiger demonstration. Meet Siberian and Bengal tigers and learn about their fascinating natural behaviors, including swimming through water.

6. Catch a music performance
Even though you’re out of school, you can show your spirit with our Music in the Parks award ceremony on April 22. Student choral, orchestral, and band ensembles from around the region will perform live music for the chance to take home awards. (Learn more.) School bands will also perform during our Ultimate Education Days, with events during Spring Break on March 31, April 14, 16, 22 and 23. We’ll have vendors, games, learning activities, and an owl pellet dissection! (Learn more.)

7. Get as far away from school as possible on SkyScreamer
Breeze through the sky to take in the sunshine. SkyScreamer will lift you up 150 feet in the air as you swing around at 40 miles per hour. While you’re up there, check out the breathtaking views of the Bay Area, plan out the rest of your Spring Break activities, and try to find your school way in the distance.

8. Enjoy a picnic in the park
All your friends are out for the break, so get everyone together for a group outing at the park. Bring 15 or more people to enjoy discounted admission tickets and free parking. Plus, celebrate springtime with your peers, family, or coworkers – bring 100 or more people to enjoy a private, catered picnic in our picnic groves!

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