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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

6 Signs You Need to Visit to the Park This Week

Your week just won’t be complete without a visit to Six Flags. We’ve got everything you need to cure your longing for a good time, including exciting rides, water attractions, and silly characters. Here are six signs it’s time to plan a visit this week.

1. You need an adrenaline rush
It’s been a while since you’ve gotten that heart-racing, palm-sweating, stomach-dropping rush. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like, we’ll remind you. Give in to the excitement of SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight calling your name. Top off your week with a flip around Kong. Dive down steep hills on Roar to take care of your adrenaline withdrawals. It’s going to be your best ride of the day.

2. You miss your old friends
Don’t miss a chance to hang out with your favorite Looney Tunes characters. Bugs Bunny and his pals will be here waiting for you. Bring out your inner child and dance, strike a pose, or give a high five to the whole gang.

3. You want to cool off
Beat the summertime heat on one our refreshing water rides. Plunge into a giant wave on Monsoon Falls. Float down a splashing river on White Water Safari. Drench everything in sight on Tsunami Soaker. No matter which ride you choose, you’ll get soaked from head to toe. You won’t be able to cool off like this at home!

4. You’re curious what the rest of the city is doing this week
What’s the rest of town up to this week? Check it all out from the top of SkyScreamer. Rise up 150 feet in the air and experience one-of-a-kind impressive views of the entire area.

5. You’re longing to see your favorite animals
Get up-close and personal to some of your favorite animals. Stop by the Shark Experience to stare face-to-face with our sea creatures. Visit the Giraffe Encounter to hand-feed the world’s tallest land animal. Watch tigers dive gracefully through the water. They’re all here – you should be too.

6. You’re craving frozen summer treats
July is National Ice Cream Month, and we have all kinds of ice cream treats you’ll need to celebrate. Choose your favorite flavor and pack it all into a waffle cone or sundae cup. Stick to the classics with a milkshake from Johnny Rockets Express, or enjoy a different way to eat ice cream with Dippin’ Dots.

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