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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Scary clowns at Fright Fest

2019 Haunted House and Scare Zone Lineup

If you find yourself wandering the park after dark, you'll find 11 unique ways to be scared. Our haunted houses and scare zones are scarier than ever before, featuring new themes, more zombies, and louder screams.

Haunted Houses – Haunted House Pass required.
Step inside one of our haunted houses to navigate dark rooms, creep around twisted hallways, and escape the wandering zombies.

  1. Demon’s Lair: Demonic creatures run the halls of this dark labyrinth. Navigate through evil rooms to uncover satanic creatures and corrupt demons.
  2. St. Hades Hospital: This medical center is run by menacing surgeons. Explore the horrific operating rooms to find fresh human flesh and bones as the vengeful doctors chase you room to room. Located across from Tava’s Jungleland.
  3. Scrapyard of the Dead: This deadly scrapyard seeks new victims to throw into the compactor. Explore the haunted site filled with scattered limbs, rotting carcasses, and chainsaw-wielding freaks ready to chop. Located near V2.
  4. Nightmare Manor: Navigate an abandoned mansion to find terror in every room. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling, lights flicker on and off, and supernatural figures appear out of nowhere. Located in Lakeside Games.
  5. Carnevil – Death Under the Big Top: This twisted carnival of horrors is filled with disorienting glowing lights, smoke-filled hallways, and sinister killer clowns. Located in Lakeside Pavilion.
  6. Shipwreck of Horror: The land has been overrun by greedy pirates. Step onto their ship to search for the cursed treasure and you’ll encounter decaying skeletal remains and ghosts of all the swashbucklers who drowned before you. Located near the Shark Experience.


Scare Zones – Free.
Take one wrong turn and you’ll end up in a section of the park filled with fog, strobes, and your worst nightmares.

  1. New! Toxic Terror: This post-apocalyptic wasteland sucks the life out of anyone who gets near it. Cross the glowing hazardous barriers and thick fog where mobs of the walking dead scavenge new bodies and fresh brain.
  2. Scarecrow’s Hollow: Giant scarecrows have taken over this cursed farmland. Larger-than-life pumpkins and eerie straw men creep up behind you in search of their next stuffed victim
  3. Mt. Rotting Cemetery: Creep through this abandoned cemetery and try not to awaken the dead sleeping underground. Step over broken tombs and empty coffins as mysterious ghosts and terrifying grave diggers try to send you six feet under. Located between Monsoon Falls and Sea Lion Stadium.
  4. Sawmill Hollow: Deranged lumberjacks haven taken over this normally quiet corner of the park. Their blood-dripping chainsaws are eager to slice your flesh from your bone. Located near the Shark Experience.
  5. Arachnid Alley: This scare zone is teeming with poisonous spiders. Tread carefully as you cross their webbed lair because their bloodstained fangs are out on the prowl for the fresh taste of blood. Located by Tava’s Jungleland.

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