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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
WONDER WOMAN<sup>TM</sup> Lasso of Truth pendulum ride

New Rides, Experiences, and Foods at the Park in 2017

We have lots of new thrills and surprises in store for you this year. We’re introducing two new rides, a new cold treat, and much more to come. Here are a few of the new experiences you’ll find at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2017.

The New Revolution Galactic Attack: World’s First Mixed Reality Coaster
For the first time ever, mixed reality will be offered on a virtual reality coaster! On The New Revolution Galactic Attack, the complex gameplay experience puts you in charge to shoot targets and make key decisions that affect your ending score. Wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets powered by Oculus, you’ll enter a cosmic wormhole to fight off attacking alien drones. After racing through tight channels and narrowly dodging drones and artillery fire, you come to one of three drone bays, each of which offer a completely different gaming experience and three different endings.

WONDER WOMAN™ Lasso of Truth: A New Spinning Pendulum
This spring, we’ll introduce WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth, a whirling new experience at the park. This giant pendulum swings you side to side while spinning counterclockwise at the same time. You’ll rotate around in circles and sway up to 147 feet in the air, then plummet back down with incredible weightlessness and swing up the other side, reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

ICEE: A New Line of Frozen Drinks
This year we’re debuting a new line of frozen drinks in the park. You’ll be able to pick up ICEE beverages in all kinds of delicious flavors. ICEE will be available in kiddie and regular sizes, plus a souvenir cup to get cold refills all summer.

A New Way to Collect Park Photos
Our new Picture Passes let you collect all your park photos and access them anywhere. Add unlimited Main Gate, character, and ride photos from the entire day or season to create a digital scrapbook of your time at the park. You may also get discounts on photos and a free print with purchase.

Exclusive Park Merchandise
We’re introducing new retail items you won’t find anywhere else! This spring, enjoy an exclusive theme park T-shirt – Pass Holders will get special discounts. Throughout the year we’ll also unveil specialty crew sweaters, water resistant pouches, character hats, and limited edition WONDER WOMAN™ movie capes!

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