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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Kid Swap: Must-Have for Parents

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a great place to bring the entire family, but what happens when a child in your group can’t ride with you? You should never force children to go on a ride they are not comfortable with. However, instead of skipping your favorite rides to monitor the child or splitting up your group to go your separate ways around the park, consider using a Kid Swap.

If you’re bringing your child or young sibling to the park with you, the Kid Swap Program allows you to experience all your favorite extreme gut-wrenching rides, while keeping the little ones safe and secure. The process is pretty simple: Your whole party will wait together for the ride. When it’s time to board, simply tell the ride attendant that you are using the Kid Swap. One guardian will board the ride, while the child and other adult wait behind at the exit gate. When the ride returns to the station, it’s time to switch places—the other person will board the ride and the child will wait with the second guardian. You’ll both still enjoy the ride, and the child will remain monitored at all times.

When visiting the park with a child under 48 inches, or simply someone who’s too nervous to ride, consider using the Kid Swap Program. The Kid Swap Program is ideal if you want to enjoy our most extreme rides, including Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Hammerhead Shark, Kong, Medusa, Roar, SkyScreamer, SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, and V2: Vertical Velocity.

Kid Swap helps your party stick together and still ride all your favorite attractions. After using your Kid Swap, take a stroll over to Looney Tunes Seaport or Tava's Jungleland so the little ones can enjoy their adventures as well. Have you used the Kid Swap Program? If so, what did you think?

What do you think?

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