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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Guests ride THE JOKER

All-New THE JOKER Opens on May 29!

Be the first to ride our new coaster

Don’t miss the debut of our brand new coaster, THE JOKER. This amazing new ride experience opens to the public on Sunday, May 29! You’ll want to be there when we open the gates and unveil this state-of-the-art thrill.

Be one of the first people to experience this highly-anticipated ride. On May 27 and 28, all 2016 Season Pass Holders and Members will be able to ride. Plus, purchase the new featured JOKER T-Shirt in the park on May 28 and you’ll enjoy special ride access that day. Then, join us at the park on May 29 for the public opening.

THE JOKER is one of the most anticipated rides to come to Northern California. This innovative coaster combines classic and modern designs, featuring a specialty steel track in THE JOKER’s iconic green and purple colors atop a wooden substructure.

You’ll encounter chaotic twist and turns along 3,200 feet of track. During your adventure, you’ll face drops up to 100 feet tall and at a steep 78-degree angle, experience weightlessness on 15 separate moments of airtime, and race around at incredible speeds up to 53 miles per hour. You’ll also flip through three inversions and conquer a wild Zero G barrel roll.

THE JOKER also delivers some ride elements you’ve never experienced before. It introduced the first ever step-up under-flip, an inverted roll that takes riders horizontally. You’ll also experience a unique breaking wave turn – the only one of its kind on the West Coast.

You won’t want to miss our second DC-themed attraction as the JOKER becomes the newest “must-ride” of the summer.

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