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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Festive singers during Holiday in the Park

6 Heartwarming Holiday Shows at the Park

Get your bells jingling with the merriest holiday entertainment this side of the North Pole. This holiday season, we're hosting magical dance parties, cheerful animal demonstrations, and synchronized light displays. Check the Six Flags mobile app for up-to-date times on the day of your visit.

The holiday spirit flows all around you as the area erupts in brilliant beauty for a synchronized light display. Thousands of lights surround you and dance magically to sensational holiday hits. The lights will create unique color variations, patterns, and shapes for an unpredictable visual display.

Tree Lighting
Each night, our giant 65-foot tree lights up in Main Street Festival of Lights. Join in the countdown as we signal the colorful blue, red, green, and white bulbs to turn on in one harmonious moment, choreographed with music and precision.

Obsidian Butterfly's LED Light Show
Radiant Obsidian Butterfly dancers light up the night with their wings. They'll twirl around to seasonal hits to create a dazzling display of light and color.

A Very Merry Christmas Sea Lion Show
Our sea lion show gets a special holiday twist. Watch in wonderment as our California sea lions showcase their impressive behaviors and waddle to the sounds of joyful holiday tunes. At Sea Lion Stadium.

Drench! Dolphin Show
Our marine mammal show is back this winter with more high-energy feats. This action-packed show features high-flying jumps out of the water, synchronized action, and the impressive agility of our bottlenose dolphins. At Toyota Stadium.

Dolphin Holiday
Forget the reindeer; our amazing dolphins are the animal stars this holiday season. Learn all about our bottlenose dolphins in this educational demonstration to showcase about their attributes, personalities, and natural behaviors. At Dolphin Harbor.

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