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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Dolphins flipping out of water

4 Heartwarming Holiday Shows at the Park

Santa has brought the stories and sounds of the North Pole to Holiday in the Park! In between treat sampling and thrill riding, catch the bells jingling in one of our heartwarming holiday performances.

  1. Six Flags Dazzle!
    Get immersed in holiday merriment as thousands of dazzling lights surround you for an animated visual display. The Main Plaza Festival of Lights erupts with brilliant dancing lights choreographed to sensational holiday tunes. Located in the Main Plaza.
  2. Tree Lighting
    Each evening, our 65-foot tree in Main Plaza comes to life with a stunning light display. Thousands of radiant lights are lit up at once to kick off the holiday festivities and celebrate the beauty and magic of the season. Located in Main Plaza Festival of Lights.
  3. A Very Merry Christmas
    Our sea lion show gets a special holiday twist. Watch in wonderment as our California sea lions showcase their impressive behaviors in this heartfelt tale. At Sea Lion Stadium.
  4. Dolphin Holiday
    Forget the reindeer; our amazing dolphins are the animal stars this holiday season. Learn all about our spectacular marine mammals as they help celebrate and bring the season alive, showcasing their awe-inspiring talents and behaviors. At Dolphin Harbor Theater.

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