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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

9 Heartwarming Holiday Shows You’ll Fall in Love With

Sing along to carols and spread a little cheer

Get into the spirit of the season with our nine charming holiday shows. These festive performances feature the hottest holiday tunes and extravagant light displays that you won’t want to miss. Check out our joyous lineup of holiday entertainment.

New! Six Flags Dazzle
Get immersed in holiday merriment as thousands of dazzling lights surround you for an animated visual display. The Main Street Festival of Lights erupts with brilliant dancing lights choreographed to sensational holiday tunes.

Drench! Celebrates
Our dolphins are the stars of this show. Our marine mammals will show off their magnificent behaviors and shake their flippers along to the exciting music.

Aquaped Wacky Water Works
Our intelligent pinnipeds are helping the water plant open! Join our California sea lions and harbor seals in a silly and impressive family-friendly comedy show.

Tree Lighting
Each evening, our 65-foot tree on Main Street comes to life with a stunning light display. Thousands of radiant lights are lit up at once to kick off the holiday festivities and celebrate the beauty and magic of the season.

Happy Holidays
Hear your favorite holiday carols like you’ve never heard them before – with a pop twist. Our blissful singers and dancers add a modern spin on classic hits of the season.

Jingle Bell Rocks
A group of jolly dancers swings along to the hottest holiday tunes. Their swift dance moves will add a little holiday sparkle to your day.

Wildlife Show
Our daytime animal show will get you up close to some of the most magical creatures you’ve ever seen. Sit back in holiday amazement as our animal trainers showcase unique species and discuss their charming characteristics.

Odin’s Temple of Tiger
Our classic tiger show plays during the daytime hours. Stop by the exhibit to watch our playful big cats interact with our trainers. They’ll showcase their natural strength, beauty, and agility.

Carol Kringle’s Karaoke
Santa’s daughter is hosting some festive sing-a-longs for the entire family. You’ll get your time to shine in the spotlight this season as you show off your most heartwarming renditions of original seasonal hits.

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