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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Our Favorite Moments from 2014

It’s been a great season at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We’d like to celebrate by looking back at some of our favorite moments of the year.

1. We introduced Tsunami Soaker.
During the summer a new water ride joined our world-class lineup of thrills. Tsunami Soaker became the park’s first interactive water ride. This new family adventure features a circular boat floating atop a pool of water. As you spin around all the other riders, every seat on the boat was armed with a giant water gun, and you participated in the world’s best water battle by spraying all the other riders and bystanders.

2. SkyScreamer turned backwards.
For a limited time during spring break, our towering swing ride gave you a completely different ride experience. We reversed the direction of your spin as you soared through the air at 43 miles per hour. As your feet dangled below, you flew in reverse 150 feet in the sky, breezing around backwards and passing over your favorite attractions before you could even see them coming up ahead.

3. We celebrated animal births.
This year, we welcomed new animal babies to the park. We had our first newborn seal in eight years, a pinniped pup named Lily. We also saw the birth of Pebbles, our baby female sea lion. We celebrated another birthday this year, as Liz our Asian elephant turned 50 with a giant elephant bash.

4. We announced the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster coming next year.
In August we revealed the next big thrill coming to the park. Dare Devil Chaos Coaster will make its debut in 2015. This high-speed looping coaster will send riders through a series of stomach-tightening 360-degree revolutions. Standing seven stories high, riders will first swing up each side of the giant loop and then spiral around forward and backward.


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