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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

Conquer SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight is a wild launch coaster that takes you through one of the tallest inversions in the world. You’ll soar along the one-of-a-kind 863-foot-track at an astonishing 62 miles per hour. Although there’s really no way to prepare for such a fierce challenge, if you’re daring enough to give it a try—or if you’re not quite ready for it—these tips will help enhance your ride experience.

1. Dare to open your eyes.
As you soar to the top of the 15-story inversion, anticipating that rapid plummet and flight, keep your eyes open for an amazing view of the area. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the entire park—even Kong looks small way down below you. Additionally, when you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to see what’s coming next on the ride, so you can subconsciously prepare your body.

2. Prepare to set a record.
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight is a landmark ride as it's the park’s first ever DC-themed attraction. The coaster also features a one-of-a-kind electromagnetic propulsion to launch you into action at the lightning-fast speed of 62 miles per hour. SUPERMAN also sets the record for having the tallest inversion west of the Mississippi, and one of the tallest inversions in the world. At a peak height of 150 feet, you’ll scrape the sky for a brief moment, then soar through the 863-foot-track with two vertical rolls and two upside-down twists. As you twist, turn, and soar at 62 miles per hour, you’ll flip and spiral before you even have time to scream.

3. Pick your seat for your preferred ride experience.
Where you sit on the coaster greatly influences your ride experience. At the back of the train, the ride feels faster as you’re whipped over peaks and flung through inversions. You’ll also get a greater feeling of airtime during those upside-down twists. In the front of the coaster, the ride often feels smoother and you’ll feel like the only one on the coaster. Plus, you can clearly see the track to see where you’re going, and you’ll have a great sense of anticipation as you approach the wild maneuvers.

4. Secure your belongings to prevent shaky drops.
You may think you can hold on to your loose items without losing them during the ride, but when you realize how much this ride packs a punch and your holding on tight to your lap bar, thats when gravity will pull them down 15 stories—where you may not be able to retrieve them. Before boarding the ride, place cell phones, cameras, sunglasses, and other loose articles in the lockers at the entrance to the ride or with a friend.

5. Keep track of which way is up.
During the ride, you’ll experience two vertical rolls and two upside-down twists. As you spin through the record-breaking inversion—a heartline roll at 15 stories in the air—it will be hard to keep track of whether you’re facing up or down.

6. Be confident.
Don’t doubt yourself—you can do it! Stay calm and remind yourself that you can tackle this beast. When you return to the station after the ride, you’ll be ready to hop on again or tackle the next wild ride. You should also ride with someone you are comfortable with, who you can grab onto and who can help encourage you during the ride.

After conquering SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, you'll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. What advice do you have for riding the extreme coaster?

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