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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Roaring Rapids

6 Adventurous Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

We want to help you build up your summertime bucket list full of adventure. This is your summer to break a world record, overcome a fear, and try something new. Here are some of the most amazing dreams and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you can achieve at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

1. Try a brand new experience on Dare Devil Chaos Coaster
You can be one of the first to check Dare Devil Chaos Coaster off your list. This looping coaster offers a new experience unlike any other at the park. You’ll soar around and around the seven story loop, stopping upside-down for ultimate airtime and then reversing directions.

2. Experience Northern California’s longest and tallest coaster
It’s only here that you’ll find the record-breaking Medusa. This floorless beast is the longest and highest coaster in the region, with 3,937 feet of track and a 150 foot drop to start off the thrills. Medusa also features the first-of-its-kind “sea serpent” roll -- a super rare double-inversion that will get your heart racing like no other -- in addition to seven inversions as you glide along at 65 mph.

3. Swim with dolphins
This once-in-a-lifetime goal of many people can come true at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Our Dolphin Discovery program lets you spend quality time interacting with our bottlenose dolphins. After a classroom learning session, you’ll get in the water with our trainers and swim with these amazing marine mammals. It’s a memorable opportunity that you can cross off your list.

4. Experience an authentic white water rafting adventure
Perhaps one of the most common bucket list items is a daring white water river experience. White Water Safari gives you this adventure without having to leave the park. The wet and wild ride will simulate a true raging river as you float through untamed currents, twist into waterfalls, and get drenched with every wave.

5. Conquer a fear of heights on SkyScreamer
This is your summer to conquer one of your biggest fears, and there’s no better way to do it than by swinging through the air on SkyScreamer. This sky-scraping swing tower stands 150 feet tall. You’ll swing around at the top with the wind in your hair, giving you plenty of time to check out the amazing views and look down below your dangling feet.

6. Fly through the air
Many people wish to skydive, bungee jump, or even fly for the ultimate free-falling thrill. Sky Coaster gets you a similar experience. Held by a cable, you’ll pull backwards up 10 stories and dangle in the air for a moment. When you release the ripcord, you’ll feel your stomach tighten as you free-fall and swing out over your friends and family out in the crowd.

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