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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

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Celebrate the holidays with seasonal music, light displays, and festive choreography

Featuring unique traditions and theme park thrills you can’t experience anywhere else

Our Halloween shows will leave you howling for more

African Penguin Awareness Day

Enjoy special penguin activities and demonstrations

The scariest Fright by Night lineup we've ever offered!

From July 30 through August 21, we’ll hold the “Summer of Games” competition

For the first time ever, experience mixed reality on a VR coaster!

You can have an amazing experience at the park without boarding a ride

Make your visit to Six Flags exciting and effortless

Celebrate with roller coasters, funnel cakes, and good friends

New rides, foods, games, and experiences

Watch animal encounters and incredible feats

Guests enjoy Portuguese Heritage Day on the Joker ride

We’ve got the fastest coasters, hottest shows, and best family fun


Find out when to visit, what to bring, where to buy tickets, and how to make the most of your day.

WONDER WOMAN<sup>TM</sup> Lasso of Truth - Coming Soon

We’re introducing two new rides, a new cold treat, and much more!

From pumpkin to peppermint, soups to s'mores, you'll find a tempting treat around every corner.

Sing along to carols and spread a little cheer

Charming holiday shows you won't want to miss

Family in holiday attire
Experience your favorite holiday traditions

Everything you need to celebrate the most wonderful time of year

Join us July 2, 3, and 4 for Coca-Cola July 4th Fest!

Honor the world’s tallest land animal with special activities

Toyota Stadium - Drench!

Stay entertained with animal shows and interactive dance parties

Burger and Fries

Our new 2016 Gold Dining Pass offers the best value on food

You wouldn’t dare to miss one of our killer Halloween themed shows

Taking Photos - Sylvester, Guest, and Camera

Where to take memorable souvenir pictures at the park

Entertainment - Warner Bros. Characters
What actions to take to have the best visit possible

What to do and what not to do to make the most of your visit

SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight
You may be turning into one of our biggest fans

Are you one of our biggest fans?

Your week just won’t be complete without a visit to Six Flags

Dare Devil Dive

Great goals to accomplish this summer

Time to ride our new looping coaster

Be the first to check out our new ride

Caring and treating rescued sea lion pups

How to save time at the front entrance and enter the park as easily as possible

The history and popularity of this classic ride

Our scrambler will whirl and twirl you around all the other rotating riders

What you don't know about your favorite ride

Unbelievable stats about our looping coaster

Tsunami Soaker

This year was full of thrills and surprises.

Mo is our greater African bushbaby, or lesser primate.

Cupid was rehabilitated and brought to thrive at the park.

Guests enjoy Portuguese Heritage Day on the Joker ride
Be the first to ride our new coaster
Your life just wouldn’t be the same without us
Open daily March 19-April 3
One-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find anywhere else

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is home to some of the most unique experiences in the world.

Woman and Bugs on Ride
How to avoid common first-time errors
An inside look at some of the new experiences coming in 2016
Women on Sky Screamer
Open Daily March 28 to April 12

Enjoy good times with good friends

Couple sharing Dessert

Make your Valentine’s Day weekend special

LOONEY TUNES Characters and Guests

Secret tips from the experts

Meet Kamala, our lesser anteater

We would like to introduce one of our lesser known animal residents.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is home to a very unique species of bat.

Learn more about how you can help protect African penguins

Introducing our two newest arrivals, Kismet and Faruk, new Bengal tiger cubs.

Elephant Encounter
Be a Conservation Superhero

Elephant Appreciation Weekend is September 20 and 21.

Discovery Bay

Buy now to receive exclusive savings around the park

Teens enjoy Math and Science Day - (Coaster College)

Have plenty of time to play


Extreme heights, speeds, and inversions offer an incredible rush

Yankee Clipper
A guide to planning your first visit to the park

A guide to planning your first visit to the park

Family at Park with Young Children
Enjoy your favorite rides, even when you have children with you

Enjoy your favorite rides, even when you have children with you

Smiling Kids in Line
Thrill-seekers-in-training can experience their first roller coaster

For thrill-seekers-in-training

Dolphin Discovery

View and interact with dolphins, penguins, stingrays, and more

Work up your adrenaline on these extreme thrills

Taking Photos - Sylvester, Guest, and Camera

Tips to capture your best moments of the day

Chicken Strips and Fries

Save time and money by purchasing meal vouchers in advance


Instead of skipping your favorite rides to monitor the child, consider using a Kid Swap.

Monkey Business

Stick together and enjoy some quality family bonding time on these family favorites.

Sky Coaster

Here are some common bucket list ideas that you can fulfill at the park and cross off your list.

Toyota Stadium - Drench!
Don’t miss your favorite animals in action at their exhibits

You can catch an interesting presentation or interaction at our animal encounters with good planning.

Tava's Elephant Parade
What to do when visiting the park with young children

Prepare ahead of time to ensure you and your young children have a stress-free and comfortable visit.

SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

If you’re daring enough to give this coaster a try, these tips will help enhance your ride experience.

Woman and Bugs on Ride

 Here are our top tips for solo visitors at the park.

Park Entry

When you visit the park, these tips will help you get in as soon as possible and begin your day.

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