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We are going to be hosting our first ever Wolf Awareness Day here at SFDK on Saturday 10/15/22. Wolf Awareness week is 10/16-10/22 so we wanted to kick this off the day before! Join us and learn more about our wolves as well as learning about the California Wolf Foundation! We will offer:

  • Enrichment cardboard box decorating
  • Giant community coloring poster
  • Face painting ($5 per design, will be done by education team member)
  • A temporary tattoo station
  • And a scavenger hunt (guides will be giving answers around the park and issuing stickers as prizes)

Trainers will also talk with wolves on exhibit

There will be a Raffle, so be sure to join!

Learn more about wolves from the California Wolf Foundation (CWF), which is a non-profit charitable organization work to provide public outreach/education regarding the conservation of gray wolves in California. Gray wolves have returned to California for the first time in almost 100 years.