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Toyota Stadium - Drench!
Toyota Stadium - Drench!

Toyota Stadium - Drench!

Drench! is the latest sensation at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and features the power and agility of our bottlenose dolphins in a sensational showcase. In this show, our marine mammal trainers take the dolphins through a series of behaviors from jumping high out of the water, synchronized with their counterparts, to showing the trainers relationships with the animals in water.

Shows like Drench! are not only entertaining but we hope the takeaway is a newfound respect and regard for these most intelligent marine mammals. 

Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins have a ton of aquatic appeal! With a smooth, streamlined body, they can easily move through water, moving their flukes (tails) up and down to propel themselves, as their pectoral (side) fins steer them. And the leaps! We are mesmerized by their agility and natural ability.

Some quick facts: dolphins are marine mammals (not fish!) – that is, they are warm-blooded, produce milk to nourish their young and yes, they even have hair (for a short time, after birth). We often say their skin feels like a peeled hard-boiled egg, with the outer skin layer an average of 15-20 times thicker than a human! Their primary sense is keen hearing and includes sonar ability (also known as echolocation)

Conservation Status: A species of least concern. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), bottlenose dolphins are found in great numbers in open ocean and along shorelines and are therefore not endangered, threatened or vulnerable. However, threats to animals, both natural (predators, disease, h abitat loss) and human-related (exposure to pollutants and debris, direct and indirect interactions with fisheries, heavy boat traffic) are steadily increasing.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is an accredited member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and abides by all state and federal regulatory and animal welfare standards for keeping marine mammals under human care. 




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