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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Thunder Road Speedway Go-Karts

Thunder Road Speedway Go-Karts

Put Your Pedal to the Metal, this Race is On!

If you have a need for speed then it’s time you paid a visit to Thunder Road, home of a classic go-kart style raceway that will give you room to vroom. These ferocious little road ragers are built for speed and agility. You’ll tear through the windy, twisty course like you’re a legend of the road.

The go-karts come in two models to choose from — a lean single-seater for drivers 58” and up, and a slightly wider edition with a second seat for the little sidekick of your choice. Either way, rev your engine at the starting line, then slam your pedal to the metal and blast off for a road race that’ll make you feel like you’re in the Indy 500.

You’ll zoom around the speedway track and slice through the wind, weaving past the other drivers on a high-speed chase for the finish.

The all-paved course carves through the hills, with hairpin turns sure to make the engines growl as the wind whooshes by. You can’t hear the cheering fans over the roar of your engine, but don’t forget to wave as you blast across the finish line. Champions do that sort of thing.

Additional fee required.

There is no better way to relax following an evening of screams than a leisurely ride on the Thunder Road Speedway Go-Karts!

Few people know this, but beneath the ride lies an ancient zombie burial ground!

Until recently, the zombies have been fairly content to just lie there and stay out of the way. Lately though they’ve been digging out for snacks…occasionally grabbing, mauling and eating teens who drive their go-karts too quickly (for reasons we can’t explain they seem to ignore everyone over 30).

To be fair, these zombies have been lying there in the ground for a very long time and are fairly hungry. Their insatiable appetite for blood and the possession of young souls drives them on. Screams of terror provide the soundtrack to the zombie invasion as it destroys the very hopes – and the very lives – of a once trusting and generous park community.

Ride vehicle by ride vehicle, the zombie numbers grow. No one is spared.

As you would expect, the newly converted suddenly crave the warmth of tasty flesh, the flavor of brains exquisitely warmed to 98.6 degrees, and – of course – the delicious bouquet of blood. They head for the loading area and the fringes of the track in search of places where people gather together at night. Quickly, they find their targets and begin their gruesome harvest.

This is their time of year and their kind of place – packed with people in costume who won’t be missed. A place with lots of noise and plenty of shadows. Zombies blend right in with the crowd… until their blood-drenched hands reach for a nearby arm or they lean toward someone and whisper, in a sickening-sweet sort of way, “Mind if I cut in line?”

Minimum height: 54″, 75″ maximum.

What do you think?

Thunder Road Zombie Invasion
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
58" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

By The Joker and Superman Ultimate Flight

Additional Fee Required

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