Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Thrill Rides

Looking for thrills? Well, you've found them. In fact, you've found some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, most gut-wrenching rides in the country-including a few record-breakers.

Thrill Rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  • Minimum Height: 48"

    Hurtle down a blisteringly fast trio of high-speed loops, then boomerang backwards.

  • Cobra

    Sky attraction near SkyScreamer, Kong, and Medusa

    Minimum Height: 42" with adult

    Get ready for major thrills on this serpent-shaped coaster that hisses down a long 1,200-foot course.

  • Sky attraction near Boardwalk Bumper Cars, Wave Swinger, and White Water Safari

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Commandeer your own 50-foot hammerhead shark for loop after loop of swinging excitement.

  • Kong

    Sky attraction near Medusa, SkyScreamer, and Cobra

    Minimum Height: 52"

    Tackle the tangled track and five inversions of this 115-foot gorilla to prove who’s the mightiest.

  • Medusa

    Sky attraction near Kong, SkyScreamer, and Cobra

    Minimum Height: 54"

    Face up to the relentless, record-breaking loops and drops of the highest, fastest, and longest rail runner.

  • Roar

    Sky attraction near V2 Vertical Velocity, SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, and Wave Jumper

    Minimum Height: 48"

    Roar is temporarily closed. A classic wooden coaster delivers 50 mph thrills with a 90-foot drop.

  • SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

    Sky attraction near Roar, V2: Vertical Velocity, and Wave Jumper

    Minimum Height: 54"

    Soar over the most innovative and record-breaking loops ever.

  • Sky attraction near Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Ark, and Scat-A-Bout

    Minimum Height: 42"

    Plummet 100 feet through the air for the ultimate skydiving experience! Parachute not included.

  • Sky attraction near Cobra, Medusa, and Kong

    Minimum Height: 48" or 44" with adult

    Ride BACKWARDS this spring! Dangle from a startlingly tall 150-foot tower in a 43 mph spin.

  • Tazmanian Devil

    Sky attraction near Ark, Voodoo, and Boomerang Coast to Coaster

    Minimum Height: 54"

    This swooping masterpiece combines hyper-spin with swings to guarantee maximum woozy.

  • Minimum Height: TBD

    This summer, get soaked on this new interactive water ride!

  • V2: Vertical Velocity

    Sky attraction near Roar, SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, and Wave Jumper

    Minimum Height: 54"

    Unreal acceleration from 0-60 delivers an assault on your senses.

  • Voodoo

    Sky attraction near Congo Queen, Safari Jeep Tour, and White Water Safari

    Minimum Height: 55"

    Offer yourself up to this top spin classic that delivers 360 spins without letting you know in advance.



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