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Sal’s Slither & Scales

Burrow into the fascinating world of reptiles with Sal’s Slither & Scales program. Get a behind the scenes look at how the park cares for these scaly vertebrates. Have an up close encounter and gain a greater appreciation for these often miscast animals.

  • Weather permitting
  • Includes Behind the Scenes tour of Reptile Discovery
  • Limited to 6 people
  • Online website
  • Starting time at 1:30pm, guest needs to book by 1pm at Safari Guest Relations
  • $19.99 per person
  • Unique photo opportunity with a reptile

Purchasable in Park Only. Please refer to Safari Guest Relations if interested. 

Park admission not included with this package

For general questions or any special accommodations, please contact [email protected] or 707-556-5244

Animal Fact

Reptile Discovery, near Tava's Jungleland and Giraffe Encounter
  • Snakes can smell with their tongues
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