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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Tiger underwater baring her teeth while she is diving
Tiger underwater baring her teeth while she is diving
Odin's Temple of the Tiger

Odin’s Temple of Tiger

See cats that actually like to swim!

Some tiger species are among the biggest cats in the world. And one of the most famous tigers around is Odin, namesake of Odin’s Temple of the Tiger, where guests are mesmerized in this exciting tiger demonstration show.

Odin is a rare and beautiful white male Bengal tiger, and his underwater diving prowess made him a world renowned legend. Unbelievable images of him diving for treats – with eyes wide open, ears folded down, nostrils closed and teeth baring – went viral, adding to his already esteemed popularity. Though he has since retired from participating in the shows, he can still be seen relaxing in his outdoor exhibit at nearby Tiger Island, enjoying the sun.

Odin’s legacy is his remarkable feats that guests can still enjoy in the show featuring Akasha, a Bengal tiger and our first female to learn underwater diving and swimming.

With her long striped body in contrast to the clear blue water of the pool, guests can get an unobstructed view of her uncanny diving skills. You may also see a pair of Siberian tigers – Maksim and Mischa – still very playful with one another but no match to Odin’s diving abilities.

The show is an important opportunity for guests to see tigers in action and in person. The tigers are not trained to “perform,” but are taken through a series of natural behaviors, such as standing up, fighting posture and a leap across a couple of large rocks. Through reward-training, they know they’ll get a treat if they go from Point A to Point B. Everyone’s favorite part of the show is when the Animal Care team tosses chunks of meat into the pool, and like any cat that likes to swim, they will jump right in, head first.

As stewards of these endangered cats, it is our responsibility to convey the plight of tigers in the wild and provide information on what you can do to help. By seeing these tigers up-close, we hope you’ll agree that tigers are worth saving.

Please note: If you view the tigers close to their swimming area, you could get splashed by water. 

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Animal attraction near Boomerang

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