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Ocean Discovery - Penguin

Ocean Discovery

Ocean Discovery is a two-acre area dedicated to marine life and see some of the world’s natural wonders while learning about animals and the importance of natural habitat conservation and protection.

Ocean Discovery features three interactive marine life experiences, including Seal Cove, Penguin Passage and Stingray Bay. Adjacent to Ocean Discovery is the Walrus Experience, where our Pacific walrus dwells.

Here, you can get a hands-on, up-close experience with animals from different oceans of the world.  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers special interactive animal programs, such as Dolphin Discovery, Trainer for a Day and Sharks in the Dark, that bring you closer than ever to ocean life.

You can even meet the dolphins up close through our Dolphin Discovery education program, the only one-of-its-kind in Northern California. Dolphin Discovery features a fun and informative classroom session, where you can learn interesting dolphin facts, find out how we care for and train these animals, then don a wet suit and sit poolside for an encounter and intimate in water experience with these engaging marine mammals. The program runs seven days a week, all year long.

Trainer for a Day is seven-hour program where you can spend a day in the life of a dolphin and sea lion specialist. This unique program, where you actually shadow a trainer as they go through their daily routine on a park operating day that was designed to give the ultimate behind-the-scenes opportunity for participants 12 and older.

Another popular program is a chance to spend the night with some of the ocean’s predators in the Shark Experience during the innovative Sharks in the Dark overnight program. Participate in a squid dissection and shark-related activities, join an education session with a knowledgeable aquarist, and spend the night in our Shark Experience aquarium room and explore the tunnel as nurse, sandbar and wobbegong sharks and the swim around you. Sharks are among the world’s most misunderstood animals, and despite their fierce image, sharks are among the most vulnerable creatures in the ocean.

We hope by seeing these amazing animals up close that you will appreciate their beauty and important place in the world’s ecosystem.  Space is limited and fills up fast for these exclusive programs, so reserve your spot now.

Visit Penguin Passage for rare underwater looks at these warm-weather African penguins. Contrary to common belief, not all penguin species are found in the Arctic! You can spend quite a bit of time observing these appealing black-and-white flightless aquatic birds in their two-tier, outdoor rocky pool.

Experience the slippery skin of exotic, Southern stingrays alongside a 12,000-gallon pool at Stingray Bay. Explorer Guides are there to help you touch one of these unique sea animals. This mysterious and fascinating fish species are actually cartilaginous fish related to sharks and are commonly found in sea beds in the southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

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