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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
close up views of people on the ride
close up views people on the ride

Hammerhead Shark

The Ocean has a New King of Swing.

Reaching a dramatic 50 feet in the air, two of the sea’s most fearsome predators make way for an over-the-top swinging tower over you. It’s the hammerhead shark—except these are more than ten times the size of the ones you’ll find on your next trip swimming across the Pacific Ocean. They’re standing on their heads with their tails extended high in the air. But you know a shark always has to keep moving, so grab onto this big fish and hang on for an incredible ride! You and 23 other adventurers will take a seat on these sharks’ most famous feature—their broad hammerheads. Then each giant sea creature swings around like a pendulum, swinging you with it until you’re completely upside down.

Where else in the world can you ride the head of a giant 40-foot long shark as it whips you around, completely upside down, in loop after mind-blowing loop? This was the very first ride of its kind ever built, and you will be tail-slapped by its ingenious and heart-thumping concept.

The shark pendulum arms swing up… a little bit higher… then even higher… until you’re completely vertical! Wave to the people on the other passing shark before the momentum kicks in and you go full loop, tumbling in reverse back down the other side. This cold-blooded fish is just getting warmed up. You’re in for seven full 360-degree loops in 90 seconds—meaning before you can even count to ten, you’ll be looping again.

You’ll feel like the king of the ocean riding one of these enormous fish.

The Hammerhead Shark has become home to millions of man-eating insects who have a particular craving for young flesh.

In this part of California the convoluted surfaces of some of our rides are unfortunately an attractive nesting place for insects. The Hammerhead Shark in particular is a favorite for legions of known, and unknown, species – flying, crawling, and creeping.

No spray can help. No ointment provides relief. Even vaccines are ineffective. Mutations of bulbous spiders, bloodthirsty mosquitoes, insatiable flies, and incredibly malevolent, multi-legged insects of all varieties are on the loose.

Large chunks of flesh are ripped from every exposed area. These insect invaders target open mouths, fly into nostrils, and burrow into ears, sucking the life out of their victims, while devouring internal organs.

This year, great care has been taken to eliminate the pests. Ever stronger insecticides are required but, over time, these sliming, sucking, slurping bugs develop immunity. They thrive and grow larger, more aggressive, and more deadly. Though we can’t close this ride, we advise everyone to stay away from it. The main attraction now is from insect to guest.

Warning: This ride is not recommended for anyone allergic to insect bites. We also caution those who are pregnant, as well as anyone else who has fears or concerns about being devoured alive by bugs.

Minimum height: 48″.

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Hammerhead Shark Infested
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Boardwalk Bumper Cars, Wave Swinger, and White Water Safari


Goes Upside Down
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