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Six Flags Over Georgia

The Haunted House

A single house. Many families. Dozens of children. One story: A dream home that became a house of nightmares.  Oswald Winthrop hated children and vowed that no child would ever cross the threshold of Winthrop Manor, corrupting his peaceful abode with their crying. And pouting. And begging. And more crying. Dirty hands touching the windows. …

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Home Haunt

The Jordan Family wasn’t always so odd. In the “old days,” their homemade haunted houses were legendary. When the neighbors saw those black plastic walls going up, they knew fall was right around the corner. Every Halloween, visitors would come from miles around to get a tour through The Jordan’s home haunt. The excitement people …

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Haunted Holiday

 Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,  Something evil was stirring somewhere about. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care While his furry coat bristled from the cold winter air.  He crept behind doors and moved across roofs,  And the fireplace darkened beneath his large hooves.  He moved through the …

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Clown Hell

In the small town of Clarksdale, Indiana a terrible, grisly event occurred.  It was the night of October 31st, 1949. The trapeze artists decided to turn the tables and pull a prank on the circus clowns as a funny Halloween joke. When the 25 clowns drove their tiny car into the center ring and prepared …

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Zombie Zoo

Welcome to Zombie Zoo, where you can see real zombies in a safe and FAMILY FRIENDLY environment! See how they react to our experiments! Learn how they feast! And, most importantly, UPGRADE YOUR TICKET TO A ZZ PASS FOR A FULL SEASON OF FUN!  We have CAGES made out of stainless steel and are guaranteed BITE …

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Entertainment & Shows

Tickets Buy Now Things to Do See More Hours View Details Home Back to Fright Fest Entertainment & Shows These creepy and catchy shows will leave you howling for more! Bad Bob The Bone Butcher Laugh along to an old west comedy with Deputy Leon P. Jones and Bad Bob. Demonatrix A band of deadly …

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Fright Fest Rides

Tickets Buy Now Things to Do See More Hours View Details Home Back to Fright Fest Rides Our thrilling coasters are even more chilling in the dark! Filter By Acrophobia – Tower of Doom If you have a fear of heights, consider yourself warned. Batman: The Ride Fly Like a Bat. We Provide the Wings. …

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Tickets Buy Now Things to Do See More Hours View Details Home Back to Fright Fest Scarezones Beware what lurks in the shadows! A simple walk through the park may be more terrifying than you think. Filter By Cannibal Cookout Come on by and learn our special BBQ recipe! Hint: it’s all about the meat! Cursed …

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Haunted Attractions

Tickets Buy Now Things to Do See More Hours View Details Home Back to Fright Fest Haunted Attractions Only the bravest souls dare to navigate our Haunted Mazes. Navigate a labyrinth in darkness and beware of those trying to help you. Filter By Clown Hell Where do clowns go after they die? Here. To punish …

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