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Five Tips for Big Groups

You can have lots of fun at the park when you visit with a large group of friends, family, or peers. Gather your neighborhood, company employees, youth groups, and friends’ families to accompany you to the park and you can enjoy great discounts, exciting thrills, and quality bonding time. Keep in mind these tips when planning your visit with a group.

1. Plan a meeting spot.
It’s important to pick an easy-to-find spot at the park for your group to meet up if you get separated. Everyone can go off and enjoy their own rides, but have a designated spot and time to check in during the day, at lunchtime, or before it’s time to go home.

2. Let everyone choose a ride.
Keeping your group together during the day gives you the chance to bond and connect. If your group wants to stay together, let everyone in your group pick one ride that he or she really wants to go on. That will keep it fair and make sure everyone has a good time. In fact, some of our rides, like Thunder River, will seat your entire group together and are more fun with more people. If you have both coaster junkies and non-coaster fans in your group, try to find a middle ground so everyone will be happy. Also, be sure to keep in mind the different ages, heights, and energy levels in your group so you can find an activity that’s appropriate for everyone.

3. Carpool to save time and money.
Try to fit your entire gang into as few vehicles as possible. You can save time because you’ll all arrive at the park at the same time. You’ll also save money on parking because you’ll have to pay for fewer vehicles.

4. Enjoy a delicious group meal.
Stop and rest for a bit to enjoy lunch or dinner at the park. Instead of everyone ordering a separate meal, take advantage of our family meal deals. Four people can share Primo’s Famous Famiglia Pizza, Flags Famous chicken strips basket, or Johnny Rockets burgers and fries. You can also stay hydrated with our 2013 Sports Bottles. The more you buy, the more you save, because our refillable bottles are only $9.99 each when you buy at least three. You’ll get free refills for the rest of the day, and 99 cent refills the remainder of the season. Your group can also reserve a feast in our picnic area to enjoy a private, catered, all-you-can-eat meal.

5. Enjoy great group rates.
Get your group together and you can also save on admission. When you visit the park with 15 or more people, you can receive great group values on park admission. Purchase your tickets online at a discounted rate and you could save big.

What does your group do at the park?

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