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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
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A green refillable bottle can be refilled all season long for $.99 per refill.

Refillable Drink Bottles

Refillable Drink Bottles

Season Drink Bottle

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Free Refills the Day of Your Visit
Quench your thirst all season long with a Refillable Drink Bottle.
Your Refillable Drink Bottle comes with these refreshing benefits:
Valid for 2018

Valid now until the end of 2018

You can keep your bottle filled in 2018!

Free refills saves you money

Save BIG All Season

Get free refills on your first visit and 99¢ refills each visit after!

Get free refills on the day of purchase and $0.99 refills the rest of the season!

Key Features


Green Bottle Details

Your green 2018 Refillable Bottle gets free refills on the day of purchase (or the day you redeem your voucher). You get $0.99 refills the remainder of the season. Fountain drink refills only.

Drink Bottle
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Frequently Asked Questions

Season Drink Bottles 

What is a Refillable Drink Bottle?

A Refillable Drink Bottle gives you unlimited free refills of the soft drink of your choice in the first day that you use it and then 99 cent refills each subsequent visit for the rest of the season. Fountain drink refills only.