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Six Flags America Digital Content Partner Guidelines

Each year Six Flags America hosts press, bloggers, and influencers to help share news about the park here in the Washington, D.C. area. For qualifying accounts, known as Digital Content Partners, they have access to a unique set of events that typically provide exclusive access (often before the general public), unique content available nowhere else, and all the fun you can expect from Six Flags! Admission is free of charge for the partner and a pre-determined amount of guests. These events Accounts will also be the first to receive the latest and breaking news about Six Flags America.

In exchange for invitations and admission to these exclusive events, Digital Content Partners agree to post about their visit –  rides, shows, or festivals – within one week of visiting. Six Flags America has the right to pre-approve content from these events prior to posting and request that the content links are shared once posted. Partners that do not post content may be removed from the program and may not be invited to future media events.

Minimum Posting Guidelines For Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook: 1 Feed post with picture/video and 1 story post;
  • Instagram: 1 Feed Post with Picture/Video and 1 story post;
  • Twitter: 1 Tweet with picture/video and include link to designated webpage;
  • Youtube: 1 Video with link to designated webpage;
  • Blog/Website: 1 Review/Post with picture/video and link to designated webpage;
  • TikTok: 2 videos;
  • Other social media platform: 1 Post with pictures/video and link to designated webpage

In addition to accepting admission to Six Flags America, Digital Content Partners and their guests are required to sign a provided Six Flags talent release form at every event. Failure to do so will result in the inability to participate in the media event. For the safety of Guests and Team Members, all attendees are required to comply with all Six Flags policies and procedures. Filming is only allowed in designated areas in the park. Six Flags does not permit filming on rides or in haunted attractions. The ability to film on rides and haunted attractions will be coordinated ahead of time with the Six Flags America Marketing and Public Relations team and will be done under the supervision of park management. For safety purposes, areas that are unavailable to guests, unless otherwise specified, are also unavailable to Digital Content Partners. This includes Team Member back areas and restricted areas. Failure to comply with these instructions, park policies and procedures, and/or direction provided by Six Flags Team Members could result in loss of media privileges and access to the park.

A direct contact will be provided on the day of your visit. For questions, inquiries and information in advance, please contact [email protected].

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