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We want to make sure you have a great time at Six Flags America. So we're always available to answer questions, offer advice and hear your suggestions. Visit us at Guest Relations, at the front entrance, when you arrive at the park, and our helpful staff will be happy to assist you however we can.

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We strive to safely accommodate the needs of all guests including guests with disabilities. Please view our Guests with Disabilities page for information regarding safety and accessibility guidelines and our Attraction Access Passes. A copy of our Safety and Accessibility guide is available online and also at Guest Relations.


Guests with casts will be able to ride most attractions in the park except SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel, Apocalypse, Mind Eraser, Batwing, THE JOKER’s Jinx, Skycoaster and water slides in Hurricane Harbor. Casts must be below the elbows and knees to ensure guest are able to bend their limbs in order to ride all other park rides.  Casts cannot restrict ride restraints in any way. Additionally, leg casts may not be permitted on Sylvester’s Pounce & Bounce, The Great Chase, and Whistlestop Bus.

For guests with prosthetics, there are restrictions on certain rides, depending on the prosthetic device.  The following attractions do not allow for prosthetic limbs: BATWING, SUPERMAN Ride of Steel, THE JOKER’s Jinx, Tower of Doom, Apocalypse, Mind Eraser, Wild One, and ROAR.

If your child gets lost or separated from your party, don’t panic. Contact a Six Flags staff member or security officer for assistance. You can also visit Lost Parents inside First Aid located on Main Street. Before visiting, be sure to tell your children to contact a Six Flags employee if they get lost. We also encourage you to establish a special meeting place in advance, just in case your group becomes separated.

We regret that personal pages cannot be broadcast through the park, but you can leave messages for other members of your party at Guest Relations.

The park offers many activities that are amazingly fun in any kind of weather—including indoor shows, restaurants, shops, games and arcades. Guest safety is our number one priority. There are certain weather circumstances that may cause the entire park to close earlier than scheduled or not open at all. If rain, wind or electrical storms force us to close certain rides for your safety, they will re-open as soon as safe operations can be assured. Refunds or rain checks for inclement weather are not offered.

Your safety is our top priority. All guests are required to pass through an electronic security screening system at the front gates and have their bags inspected. Inappropriate items should be left at home or in your car.


Our ghouls won’t touch you, in return we require that guests respect the characters in the scare zones and the haunted attractions and not touch or taunt them in any way. Guests who chose to touch the ghouls or act inappropriately will be required to leave the park.

Only kids 12 and under may wear a costume, no masks are permitted.

There’s no re-entry after 7:00 p.m.

Guest Dropoff and Pickup located in West Parking Lot:

  • For Guests Walking to/from the West Parking Lot — Follow directional signage and team member instruction when exiting the Main Gate, located to the immediate right of the exit gates. For dropoff and pickup guests will proceed to the pedestrian walkway which is well lit and supervised for an easy walk to the West Parking Lot or to the park.
  • To Dropoff or Pickup Guests at the Park — Enter the park via our West Gate entrance and follow the signs to our West Parking Lot for pickup and dropoff.  The West Gate entrance is located directly across from Cameron Grove and is marked by a traffic light and signage.




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