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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Wild One
The JOKER's Jinx
SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel

Top 3 Fan Favorite Coasters

Whether you enjoy steep drops, rocket speeds, smooth coasting, or twisted inversions, our guests agree that you’ll experience some of the wildest and most intense coasters at Six Flags America. Take a look at these top three fan favorites that every coaster enthusiast will enjoy.

1. A fierce drop and blood-pumping speeds on SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel.
As one of the tallest coaster on the East Coast, this beast certainly stands out at the park. Adventurers crave the insane 20-story drop that plunges into a mile of hairpin twists and breathtaking turns, all at 74 miles per hour. Carrie G. from Crofton explains, “Gut dropping thrills and breathless screams… everything you could want from a roller coaster.” Sarah W. from York says, “This ride makes your heart skip a beat on your way up,” and Toffee Z. from Edgewood agrees, “The feeling you get once you begin your descent is akin to flying itself, and it certainly felt that way!” Nathan P. from Maryland adds, “It offers heavy drama, twisting elation, spikes of adrenaline, and the unmistakable feeling of being weightless.”

2. Gut-wrenching launches and dramatic twists on THE JOKER’s Jinx.
This extreme coaster is truly a fan favorite. You’ll blast from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds, propelling through 55 winding curves and four stomach-flipping upside-down loops. Laisha W. from Poughkeepsie says, “The thrill of THE JOKER’s Jinx is the takeoff. If you are not expecting top speed, you will definitely be surprised.” Vivian from Clarksville agrees, “The best part about the ride is the beginning: the thrill of starting speed and not knowing when you’ll blast off,” and Zohara S. from Maryland adds, “You don’t even have time to think before you’re blasted straight.” Ben K. from Asheville notes, “The twists and tight turns transitioned smoothly,” and Esther R. from Maryland tells us, “The energy, thrill, and surprise were wonderful.” Brian A. from Orlando sums it up, “THE JOKER’s Jinx offers one of the most exciting and intense experiences at Six Flags, from the powerful launch to the knot of track that keeps you head spinning long after it is over.”

3. Smooth soaring and wooden drops on The Wild One.
Our classic wooden coaster delivers an amazing experience. You’ll race along the track at 45 miles per hour through a 96-foot daring drop, a 90-degree spiraling helix, and fierce hills. Talayia C. from Suitland shares, “There are a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns. I love it because it has a lot of air time.” Gerta B. from Woodbridge says, “It’s a classic wooden coaster that thrills until the very end,” and Paula from Baltimore adds, “It has great dips, great heights, great curves, and is all-around enjoyable.” Jason H. from Baltimore notes, “Nice long ride with the perfect amount of thrills.” Vernon E. from Norfolk recalls, “The Wild One is a classic wooden coaster, a great ride, and a piece of history.”

What’s your favorite coaster at the park?

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