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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC

Celebrate Spring Break at Six Flags

The hottest Spring Break entertainment is at Six Flags! Celebrate daily April 13-22 with outrageous roller coasters, fresh funnel cakes, live musical entertainment, and of course, your best friends. From homework-forgetting adrenaline rushes to midterm-unwinding fun, there are plenty of ways to make this the most unforgettable Spring Break ever.

  • Lift 240 feet into the sunny skies to get as far away from school as possible on WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth. Enjoy the spring breeze as you swing around town at 40 miles per hour and check out the breathtaking views of Maryland and DC.
  • Slow things down and unwind from midterms with a spin around the Carousel. It’s a timeless tradition for kids-at-heart, first dates, and friends galloping around with laughs.
  • Get a sneak peek of FIREBIRD's colorful track.
  • Leave your homework in the dust with an incredible launch backwards from 0 to 60 mph on THE JOKER's Jinx. You’ll be so full of adrenaline to keep you going until summer vacation.
  • Hit the Big Easy Speedway for a Spring Break road trip. Zoom around tight curves and race to the finish line - Loser buys funnel cakes for the squad!
  • Challenge your school’s star athlete and test your skills at the 3 Point Shootout, Tub Toss, or Soccer Darts. You’ll have plenty of cool prizes to choose from!
  • Play with the little spring breakers in Looney Tunes Movie Town. Your younger siblings have a place of their own!
  • Refuel with treats from outside the cafeteria, like jumbo smoked turkey legs, chili cheese fries, and funnel cake sundaes.
  • Recharge your Super Powers for the rest of the year! Let your hair and cape down for a race around BATWING or drop down SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel.
  • Get in on the action with French Quarter Flyers. Pull the lever to determine how high, low, fast, or slow to fly!
  • Head back to the hallways in style! Pick up exclusive character athleisure for comfy Mondays, coffee mugs for early-morning classes, and coaster-themed backpacks to carry all your books.
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