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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Six Flags America Park Overview
Six Flags America Park Entrance

Seven Steps for Swift Entry

It's time to have fun—riding coasters, racing on the bumper cars, and meeting all theLooney Tunes characters. Planning your visits to the park ahead of time means more time for fun with all your favorite people. Here are some tips for swift entry to get you in the park and ready to play.

1. Print tickets ahead of time.
Print your tickets at home to skip the ticket booth and head straight to the front gate. You can save money when you buy your tickets in advance online. Tickets are only $39.99 when you buy three days before your visit. Season Pass Holders, make sure your friends have their tickets in advance so everyone can enter as soon as you arrive at the park.

2. Be ready.
When you arrive at the front gate, make sure you have your Season Pass or tickets out and ready to show the attendant.

3. Arrive early.
Arrive at the park just before opening, and you may be one of the first people in the park. Planning to get there early has lots of benefits, like parking closer to the front gate and shorter lines for your favorite rides.

4. Pack light.
Carry a light, small bag for a quicker process through our security checkpoint to enter the park.

5. Contain loose articles so they don't get lost.
Loose articles are not permitted on most rides and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Prepare your loose change, cell phones, wallets, and other small pocket items by storing them in a small bag. It will be easier to carry around and not lose them throughout the day.

6. Review park policies before arriving.
Review park policies, including guest safety, behavior, dress code, language, and prohibited items, before you visit. Clothing with inappropriate words or symbols will not be allowed in the park.

7. Buy a Gold Pass.
The quickest way to enter the park is to purchase a Gold Pass. Gold Pass Holders always enter the park 15 minutes before other guests. With a Gold Pass, you'll have a head start on the day and be the first on your favorite rides.

What tips do you have for entering the park quickly?


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