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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Scary jesters in the Necroville scare zone

2019 Haunted House and Scare Zone Lineup

If you find yourself wandering the park after dark, you'll find 10 unique ways to be scared. Our haunted houses and scare zones are scarier than ever before, featuring new themes, more zombies, and louder screams.

Haunted Houses – Haunted House Pass required.
Step inside one of our haunted houses to navigate dark rooms, creep around twisted hallways, and escape the wandering zombies.

  1. Total Damnation: This giant walk-through features 10 haunted chambers filled with your worst fears. Navigate each room to encounter darkness, claustrophobia, and demonic creatures.
  2. The Crypt: Uncover the mysteries that lie in this lair. Explore ancient tombs and artifacts as skeletons and spiders lurk in the shadows.
  3. Aftermath: Fight your way through the apocalypse while mobs of the walking dead try to infect new victims and feast on your brains. The fog, rubble, and fiery wasteland make it harder to see what’s lurking in the shadows. Located in Ghost Town.
  4. The Haunting of Hall Manor: Traverse the haunted backwoods to encounter the ghost of Eleanor. The supernatural spirits appear out of nowhere and do whatever it takes to keep the eerie mansion free from visitors. Located in GOTHAM CITY.
  5. Twisted Fairytales 3D Haunted House: This twisted storybook of horrors turns innocent fairy tales against you. Meet the evil Alice in Wonderland feasting on the White Rabbit and Little Red Riding Hood seeking revenge on the big, bad wolf. If that’s not terrifying enough, you’ll see the terror come to life in 3D. Located in Chesapeake.
  6. Voodoo Curse: Explore the abandoned home of the Voodoo Queen. You’ll find shrunken heads, a bloody crystal ball, scattered human bones, and demented misfits at the grand ball. Be warned, the Voodoo Queen places a curse on all who enter. Located in Mardi Gras.


Scare Zones – Free.
Take one wrong turn and you’ll end up in a section of the park filled with fog, strobes, and your worst nightmares.

  1. New! Medieval Mayhem: A secret society of prehistoric cannibals are on the hunt for their next victim. Enter their off-limits area as they rip your flesh from your bones, determined to make you the newest member of their cult.
  2. CarnEvil: This twisted carnival of horrors is filled with disorienting lights, evil circus games, and sinister killer clowns who stalk your every step. Located in GOTHAM CITY.
  3. Zombieville: This zombie city sucks the life out of everyone who visits. The hollow-eyed undead travel in packs scavenging new bodies and fresh brains. Located in Chesapeake.
  4. Ghost Town: Creep through this abandoned cemetery and try not to awaken the dead sleeping underground. Step over broken tombs and empty coffins as mysterious ghosts and terrifying grave diggers try to send you six feet under. Located in Coyote Creek.

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