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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
People celebrating Mardi Gras at Six Flags

Our Biggest Mardi Gras Festival!

Experience the music, flavors, and culture of New Orleans during our biggest Mardi Gras festival, weekends April 27-May 12. This year's celebration features all-new entertainment, more beads, specialty culinary creations, and exclusive novelty souvenirs. Here are the best things to do at the park during Mardi Gras 2019!

Catch Beads!
The streets of the park come to life with high-energy variety acts, including marching bands, dance troupes, stilt walkers, and jugglers. These special characters will toss out bead necklaces for you to take home with you.

Listen to Live Brass Bands and Jazz Performers
In our Jazz Quarters located throughout the park, you can catch live musicians, and street performers. Listen to the traditional trumpet and saxophone jazz rhythms come to life.

Eat Gumbo, Beignets, and Other Specialty Foods
New Orleans is famous for its special Cajun foods, and we're bringing the best recipes to the park. Enjoy exclusive, limited-time menu options like beignets, gumbo, jambalaya, fried cajun crawfish po'boys, red beans & rice, and much more! Wash it all down with Hurricanes.

Take Home Jester Hats and Feather Boas
Commemorate the special event with the hottest festival souvenirs. Dress for the occasion with Mardi Gras apparel, novelty hats like jester hats and King's crowns, bead necklaces, harlequin masks, and feather boas. Take home themed shot glasses and decorative items to party all year long. You can also light up the night during our parade with illuminated glow wands and necklaces.

Ride World-Class Thrill Machines
It wouldn't be a visit to Six Flags without taking a ride - or a few - on your favorite coasters! Let your cape down on Bourbon Street Fireball, get your dose of adrenaline on Ragin' Cajun, and celebrate good times on French Quarter Flyers.

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