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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Tea Cups
The Great Chase
Antique Cars

Five Amazing Family Rides

Six Flags America has extreme coasters and easy kiddie fun – and everything in between. Some of our rides let your family enjoy the ride and time together. Stick together and enjoy some quality family bonding time on these family favorites.

1. Explore the park on Capital Railways.
Hop on the Capital Railways for a scenic tour around the park. The large locomotive has plenty of room for your family to spread out on the wide benches and let the little ones hop in your lap. Then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the bonding time while your train conductor shows you all the best sites around the park.

2. Take a family road trip on the Great Race Antique Cars.
Your family can cruise around the park on our old-time antique cars. The cozy vehicles have room for a driver and multiple passengers. This joyride gives your children the chance to get behind the wheel while you take a rest in the backseat.

3. Enjoy a magical moment on the Carousel.
Our traditional carousel is a classic favorite for all ages. Saddle up on your favorite horse or sit back on the chariot and gallop around to beautiful music under charming lights. Younger children will love riding the animals, while grownups can reunite with their childhood.

4. Take a spin on the Tea Cups.
This spinning tea set is great for your family to work together to create a fun ride experience. These teacups are large enough to fit your entire family, and your individual cup is private as your family spreads out on the circular benches. Control your spin by grabbing ahold of the center disk. Spin the wheel together to rotate your cup wildly around, or sit back if your family prefers a less dizzying ride.

5. Enjoy kid-sized thrills on The Great Chase.
This family-friendly coaster will thrill all the daredevils in your crew. Kids can hold on to mom and dad—if they need to—while their train zips along the curvy 280-foot-steel track, reaching an easy, yet exciting, 10 feet high. It’s perfect for coaster-lovers of all ages—whether it’s your first beginner ride or a mild break from the extreme thrills.

What ride does your family enjoy together?

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