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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
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Bonzai Pipelines

Bonzai Pipelines

Are you ready to free-fall through a 250-foot plus enclosed water slide? Six Flags America is thrilled to announce the all-new, first of its kind in the world Bonzai Pipelines, a 65-foot tall waterslide complex featuring not one, not two, but six outrageously fast and intense drop launch looping body slides.

After climbing to the top of the six-story tower set amid the Hurricane Harbor’s incredible existing line-up of waterslides, pools, and attractions, you will step inside one of the six state-of-the-art launch capsules.

Once you and five other riders are enclosed in the “Drenaline Drop” launching capsule, with hands behind your head, the floor will drop and everyone will enter a virtual free-fall for approximately 50 feet through clear tubing before hurtling into pitch darkness for the remaining 200 plus feet–including a tight 360 degree loop! You and your fellow riders will shoot down a total of six stories into a long run-off tube before emerging.

Best of all, each of the six body slides has their own unique path of twists and turns resulting in six different heart-pounding free-fall experiences to keep you screaming all summer long!

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Press Release

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