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Six Flags Holiday in the Park

Explore All Our Holiday Attractions

Carousel with people riding


Grab your Santa hat and step back in time on this classic carousel, a favorite for all ages.
Cyclone with guests riding

Peppermint Swirl

Get ready to ride the swirls of a peppermint!
Firebird with guests riding


Tis the season to ride Maryland's only floorless roller coaster!
Flying-Carousel with guests riding

Flying Carousel

Fly high over Main Street Christmas, you might even get a glimpse of The North Pole, on this spectacular flying swing.
French-Quater-Flyers with guests riding

French Quarter Flyers

Pretend you're flying to meet Santa on this super fun spinning ride!
Great-Chase with guests riding

The Great Chase

Chase around curves and plunge over a little hill on this family-friendly coaster for daredevils-in-training.
High-Seas with guests riding

High Seas

A very merry boat ride into the sky!
Antique-Cars with guests riding

Great Race Antique Cars

Enjoy the Holiday season on a relaxing drive through the country in a classic turn-of-the-last century motor car!
Pirates-Flight with guests riding

Pirate's Flight

Take flight in mini pirate ships with the trees at your feet, on this swinging, swashbuckling sky adventure.
Roar with riders on it


Is ROAR on the Nice or Naughty List with its 9-story drop and dozens of reversals at speeds over 50 mph? You decide!
Tea-Cups ride with guests on it.

Cocoa Mixer

Get Dizzy With Cocoa On This Whirling,Spin-A-Thon!
Voodoo-Drop with guests riding

Voodoo Drop

Party in Merry Masquerade as you plummet like you mean it on a nerve-destroying 140-foot free fall at 56 mph.
Wild-One with guests riding

The Wild One

A wild ride that takes you high above the lights of Holiday in the Park!
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